It’s been six weeks and Kim Kardashian still hasn’t released any pictures of herself or baby North West.


Check it out!

As source close to the star says she:

“Lost a lot of her baby weight.”

The source also says she is:

“Settling into a routine with her daughter.”

Kim is reportedly eating healthy and trying to stay fit, although per doctor’s orders, she isn’t to exercise just yet.

Now, I think she intends to use the pregnancy and its resulting weight gain to cash in on a HUGE weight loss payday.  I also think that since Kanye vetoed the sale of any pictures of North to the mags, Kim will get crafty for her reveal.  My crystal ball says momager’s new talk show will be the stage for at minimum Kim’s big weight loss reveal.  But, will we also get to see Nori?  Maybe, just maybe, if another photog occupies Kanye, they can sneak the baby out.

Here’s hoping.


What do you think?  When will we see Kim and the baby?

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