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Friends fear the worst as Star Jones goes ham for food again, packing on the pounds and reportedly eating over 5,000 calories a day after facing a crushing emotional set back with her boyfriend.


 After five years of leading one of the nation’s top historical black colleges, President Robert M. Franklin  has decided to step down when his term ends on June 30, 2012.  The 57-year old Franklin came in as the school’s tenth president. He will now become a Distinguished Professor for the university. But for some reason being from the AUC I know there’s more to the story!!! READ MORE

Watch: Lil Wayne – Mirror featuring. Bruno Mars

Lil Wayne release the video for “Mirror”, his latest single off of “The Carter IV.”  The video is a collaborative project with Bruno Mars, whose “It Will Rain” was featured on the “Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1″ soundtrack. It’s crazy how God tells you things through music!!! Tell me if you are feeling the video? READ MORE

Morgan Freeman Still Marrying His Step Granddaughter

 A few years ago, a very disturbing story broke that Morgan Freeman was still maintaining a 10-year relationship with his step-granddaughter. Although the two are not related through blood, he was once married to her grandmother — Morgan first wife. Freeman 72 and E’Dena Hines 27 are supposedly in love and sources say that the two started dating when she was only 17. READ MORE

2 UFO Ships Found on Bottom Of Baltic Sea Floor

 CNN and Huff Post is reporting a possible UFO Ship was found on Baltic sea floor. A team of shipwreck hunters found a strange circular object on the floor of the Baltic Sea in 2011 now says they have discovered visual evidence of a second “disc-like shape” some 200 meters from the original find.  This is crazy that all this is happening 11-11-11!!!!

Peter Lindberg, who leads the group, previously joked to CNN that the first object they found 300 feet below the surface might be an unidentified flying object.


When the object, which has a diameter of 195 feet, was first discovered in June of last year, many believers thought it was a wrecked UFO that had crashed onto the seafloor and left behind a path of destruction measuring some 900 feet, according to Now before you start going crazy we still have not seen the object  so hold on….

CNN explains how they found it: READ MORE

Is the R&B Crooner Back? How Does It Feel? Well, despite the rumors (police reports)of legal problems, and challenges D’Angelo has faced over the years; Real music lovers have been waiting patiently for D’Angelo to bring back that funk & soul as only he could. Meanwhile, D’Angelo has been on a world tour blessing his fans while they wait. Surprisingly his vocals weren’t too shabby either. Well ladies, is this what yall been waiting for or what?

 Nicole Scherzinger won’t be reprising her role as judge and mentor  on “The X Factor”. Sources say Nicole “wants to focus on her music career,” adding that her duties on “The X Factor” “took a lot more of her time than she ever expected.” Nicole has reportedly informed fellow mentor Simon Cowell of her decision and has received “his blessing.” Word is that Nicole and Simon did not get a long with each other at all and that it was a lot of behind the scenes drama which is why she left.

It was also revealed on Monday that “X Factor” host Steve Jones will be replaced also. Jones sent out a tweet saying it’s a shame he’s leaving, but adding that he had a great time on the show. Wait there’s more… READ MORE

 Drake hopes that his acting talents will one day land him in the White House. The rap superstar recently told VH1 that he would love to play President Barack Obama if a movie was ever made about his life. Drake says playing Obama is actually a goal of his, noting that he pays close attention to the Commander-in-Chief’s tendencies whenever he’s on television. Drizzy states that he’s inspired to do something for his “culture,” adding that he and his friends are currently busy with writing projects.
 Before becoming one of the biggest names in hip-hop, Drake starred in the Canadian series “Degrassi: The Next Generation.” He’s also lending his voice to the animated film “Ice Age: Continental Drift,” which arrives July 13th. Here’s a clip of Drakes acting skills….

So they saying Drake was the inspiration for a reality TV star’s new tattoo? READ MORE