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WHo’s the Dopest? My lil homie Key Swagg won the hearts of Rosci on 106th & Park and then went on to remain in the Top 10 on the Countdown for weeks. Now KeySwag with the help of his Manager/Mentor has finally inked a label Deal (To Be Announced). In the meantime his Mixed Tape drops this weekend along with his second video. Check out World Star’s Front Page and download the mixtape now

Super Producer Bangladesh definitely is a man about his business. Definitely one that is able to take lemons and make lemonade. In light of what happened in the past between he and Cash Money he could have easily taken those lemons and traded them in for some Hand Grenades! If you recall the 2008 A-milli- A-milli- A-milli Producer had beef with cash money because he was Not paid for the previous song that Cash Money definitely made plenty of trips to the bank off the Royalties from that Lil Wayne Smash of a record! But all has been settled.We hope In the words of Mr Bang! “Real recognizes real and it’s important that black people figure out how to get along and make things work. Check out the MTV Clip :

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“We just did some nice business together. They just bought a whole bunch of tracks, that’s about it. They gave me a song deal, basically, first song deal I ever had, so shouts out to Cash Money.”

in case you not familiar with a Bangladesh Beat..check out Nicki Minaj …Did it on em

Drake seems to have more time to respond then a little! He responded to the tatoo artist and that went back and forth! Now he responded to Vibe Magazine after Nicki had to step in and edge things up on the  February/March issue; after Drake (Flaked) was unable to cooperate. Just before Nicki’s cover came everyone found out that her Young Money label mate, Drake was originally slated to cover the magazine but lost the cover due to his “Diva” attitude.
VIBE contributor Lola Ogunnaike revealed:

“He was slated to appear on the cover of VIBE magazine to accompany this story [The Dark Side of Aubrey Graham]. But he fouled that up when he arrived more than eight hours late to the shoot and refused to wear any of the wardrobe provided for him.”
“He brought his own clothes, which was mostly Hemès and leather bomber jackets,” revealed a source at the shoot. “But it was a shoot about spring fashion. He was going on and on about wearing his leather bomber, and wasn’t letting it go. He said the [female] stylist was too aggressive, that he wasn’t a model and he wasn’t feeling the vibe. He hopped in his SUV and left.”

Now the “Take Care” rapper has opened up about the issue claiming he didn’t like they way they treated him, read below:
“I didn’t like the way I was treated,” he told UK’s The Guardian. “They ran this story about how I’m the most bitter guy, and my life is in turmoil. And I’m, like, a very happy 25-year-old kid living an amazing life. They tried to put a damper on my character, I guess because I didn’t play according to their rules.”

Tyler Perry has done yet another “Good Deed” again. I swear this man really knows how to handle people. Maybe he should think about a profession as a therapist! He knows exactly how to put a smile on a person’s face and keep the viewers anticipating what’s next. Check out what was spotted on Radar online. Following the worst months of her life , we are happy to report, Bobbi Kristina finally has something to smile about after reportedly landing a part in Tyler Perry’s sit-com, For Better Or Worse. Yay!

Whitney Houston’s only child has been taken under the wing of Perry, who spoke at the late singer’s funeral last month, and given the 19-year-old a reoccurring role in the TBS show, which has been picked up for a second season, according to the buzz on several different blog sites.

Bobbi Kristina will reportedly play the daughter of one of the stylists who works in the salon run by Angela Williams, played by Tasha Smith.

 The hit series is based on Perry’s big screen blockbusters, Why Did I Get Married? and Why Did I Get Married Too?  It will be the first major role for the aspiring actress, who describes herself as “Spawn of WH&BB. Dancer. Actress. Musician. Born into Ent,” on her Twitter page.
Plus I guess it’s not surprising this career boost for the teen comes hot on the heels of a new romance, as previously reported Bobbi Kristina and her “adopted brother”, Nick Gordon, confirmed their romance earlier this month.

Well at least we know who won’t be working for Diddy no time soon. I wonder if it was Pineapple Ciroc that Heejan Han smelled on Diddy’s breath while working. Check out what we spotted on Heejun Han has joked his way through American Idol this season, but following his elimination he had some pretty serious gripes about his guest mentor Diddy, who he says was “kinda drunk” while working with him.

The 22-year-old singer was sent home Thursday night, but he took a swipe at his mentor Diddy in an interview following the show.

Han told The Insider that Diddy was “kind of drunk when we were having our mentor session,” and while he praised Stevie Nicks he advised, “You do not wanna be durnk when you’re coming to American Idol session, OK?”

His rendition of Leon Russell’s A Song for You failed to muster enough votes to save him despite Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez’s enthusiastic reactions to his performance on Wednesday night.

Heejun also said he’s not going to be following the show anymore either, and isn’t going to root for any fellow contestants.

“I was rooting for Jeremy, Sharon or Erika … but [that] didn’t happen so I’m not gonna root any for now. I’m just gonna watch The Voice.”

You know I didn’t know if it was me or my aging memory. I watched vh1 T-Pain behind the music and the way I recalled the way things went down back in the day. Hmmmm is it just me or was Mickey “MeMpHiTz” Wright Jr SVP of A & R at Jive Records …the same SVP that signed T-Pain to Jive Records. Well I pulled up an old you tube Video with MeMpHiTz doing an interview and check out what he had to say when giving some A&R advice as to how to approach an A & R when presenting your music. Check this out. This interview & things said were definitely not highlighted on the vH1 Behind the scenes Video. #Imjustsayin Artists??? Is it so hard to give credit & props to those instrumental in putting you on? Is this a black thing a music thing or a Universal Hateration Thang? Take a look and please let me know if this was what you got out of MeMpHiTz appearance tonight.

Sources say Ne-Yo might like going to the strip club and making it rain with his baby mama, but he’s doing everything in his power to make sure his daughter doesn’t end up on a pole. Ne-Yo told People mag:

“I’m not going to be that dude that predestines my children’s future. I’m just going to do my best so that my daughter doesn’t end up on a pole and my son doesn’t end up on the corner. And whatever they do outside of that is pretty much their decision.” READ MORE

Chris Brown says fans can look forward to two new singles off his upcoming album, “Fortune.” The R&B superstar has announced via Twitter  the song “Sweet Love”, and new video ‘How I Feel.’ Brown will also be dropping the song “Till I Die “, soon.”Sweet Love” is more of an R&B-based track, while “Till I Die” will be hip-hop inspired and feature Wiz Khalifa and Big Sean.

Brown then followed us up with a video for the track “How I Feel.” The video was directed by Mechanical Dummy and the song is really deep.  The video  displayed Breezy giving us tons of emotion, in this very inspirational project. Check the video below. READ MORE