married-to-medicine-Toya-Bush-Harris-Fight-The-Jasmine-Brand.jpg-Well, it’s definitely not a secret that #TackyToya is known for being the Tackiest Messiest Wife on Bravo’s Married to Medicine. Good thing she Married Smart since that’s the only smart thing she has seemed to manage to do this early season. 1st her and Messy Marvin Eugene blab about Mariah’s daughter being adopted. Really? There was no better conversation two married people have to talk about??? Anyways maybe they should have been discussing the 5 reasons Toya’s Hairdresser needs to be fired. Let’s look at the clips

TackyLook2Tacky Look #1 – #Synthetic WeaveHair. Purchasing hair from the same place she picks up Chinese Food. I do see scalp. Maybe it’s a lace front #EpicFail

toya-tackyTacky Look#2 Plastic WIG? Blonde Plastic Wig? Not a good Look – Is this the wig you pull out of the plastic package

tackytoyatweetsReason #3  Tacky Tweets – Trending #TackyToya Nationally? Not a compliment

BlowbyBlow-tackyToyaReason #4 Fighting at a prestigious Doctors Event…Just #Tacky (Living Up To Her Name) #TackyToya

TackyTOyaMediaReason #5 MediaTakeOUT Headlines  – Week3 of Taping- Who makes Headline news for fighting that claims to be a millionaire? Who goes to their husband’s co-worker’s event and fights? #PointBlankPeriod

#TackyToya Strikes Again  Or was it Mariah that Struck again and again?

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