Matt Ryan, pic courtesy of Atlanta Falcons

After a heartbreaking loss over the Patriots, the Atlanta Falcons are still my number 1 team ! The city of Atlanta definitely represented in the state of Texas for the superbowl to show major support ! Rappers, socialites, and a host of other industry folks came out in masses to help cheer on the falcons by hosting tail gate parties, private celebrity brunches, meet and greets just to name a few. The falcons held strong and also held a lead until the fourth quarter of the game and the Patriots managed to surpass them into a winning lead of 34-28 over Falcons. I sure to hope my falcons will have a chance to redeem themselves and take it to the top with a winning superbowl championship ! With their state of the art new stadium due to be finished sometime this year, the falcons look forward to their new season in it and I wish my Falcons a great start to a new season. Rise up ! Take a look at the video of the aerial view for new stadium 


Atlanta Falcons FIRE Head Coach Mike Smith

Can we get a moment of silence for the Atlanta Falcons head coach Mike Smith? It’s not a surprise that the franchise is moving in a new direction from their head coach Mike Smith.

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FINALLY! A cast member from the Real Housewives of Atlanta can call themselves  a “Wife”! Kim Zolicak has converted from jump off to officially being the someone’s one and only.  Kimberly Zolicak was originally “Big Poppa’s” sideline chick whom adored her with lots of cash and gifts.  However, Kim wanted more and she found that when she met Atlanta Falcons player Kroy Biermann.  After dating a few months, and giving birth to son KJ (Kroy Jr) the couple decided to tie the knot. Congrats Kim! READ MORE

About last night, Ice Cube attended the Atlanta screening of “Fist Fight.” Ice Cube has really been keeping busy on the big screen. The movie was filmed right here in Atlanta and although he’s an executive producer of the movie, he credits Charlie Day and director Richie Keen as the real moguls making it happen. Ice Cube plans to bring more projects our way so of course we anxious to see what they are ! Please make sure you go out tomorrow February 17th to catch this hilarious movie in theaters everywhere, it’s a must see!  The event was attended by celebrities including: Actor Gary Owens, Comedian Bruce Bruce, and many more, see below ..

                             Ice Cube and Ed Lover

                              Ice Cube and Noreaga

                          Comedian Gary Owen


Faithful Atlanta Falcons, hundreds of them, dressed in red and black, packed the atrium of Atlanta City Hall Friday.