Reports from TMZ  say African rapper Akon asked Actor Eddie Murphy to hire Africans for “Coming To America,” sequel. Eddie Murphy responds and says that Michael Blackson is funny. Now fans are in anticipation, wondering if Michael Blackson will make the cut!


Eddie Murphy Teases “Coming To America” Sequel

If Eddie Murphy’s “Coming to America 2” tweet was the smoke, then here’s the fire there is a plan to shoot a sequel!



Eddie Murphy was honored with the Mark Twain Award for American Humor at the Kennedy Center on Sunday night. Comedians such as Trevor Noah, Jay Pharoah, Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock! And Tracy Morgan were all there, to pay homage to the seasoned comedian. Jabs were thrown at Donald Trump, also Eddie Murphy played it smooth with an acute Bill Cosby joke.

“You may have heard about the pill I’ve allegedly put in people’s stomach’s! If I ever meet this Hannibal Burress dude I’m going to kill this man!.” he jokes. It will air on PBS Nov 23rd.


eddie-murphy-press-rayggaFunny man Eddie Murphy is getting serious on his newest reggae track, called “Oh Jah Jah.” 

Eddie Murphy’s FAKE Son Drops $50 Million Lawsuit


The comedian who faked being Eddie Murphy’s son has now backed off his defamation suit against Eddie … admitting the suit was BS and pinning the blame on his dumb management.

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Eddie Murphy Visits Arsenio Hall

It was just like old times when Eddie Murphy took a seat on the couch on the millennium’s version of the Arsenio Hall Show.  Who knew it’s been 25 years since they famously starred in “Coming To America”?  They talked about Eddie Murphy’s new music, his plans for new projects, his kids and so much more!