A lot of sistas had a f**kin’ problem with A$AP Rocky’s comment that dark-skinned women shouldn’t wear red lipstick, and the rapper is still confused about the backlash he received about it.

In case you missed it, the homie A$AP did an interview with The Coveteur and revealed his beauty secrets along with his thoughts about girls and their makeup choices. In a nutshell, this dude believes that a pretty red pout should only be reserved for women who have fair skin. Oh A$AP…


Before you get angry all over again, ladies—remember, this is coming from a grown man who wears his hair in plaits like a schoolgirl. But I digress…

The “Fashion Killa” took to the airwaves recently to express his frustration. During an interview with 93.9 WKYS in DC, he shared the following:

“Black girls just, ah man, went crazy. They just took it how they took it,” said Rocky.” This is actually my second time talking about it ‘cause I really didn’t even look at it as an issue. If people get upset at that I think it’s petty at the same time. It’s like they damn near wanna Rick Ross boycott me right now…Black girls, you know how sensitive they are, but they our sisters man. It is what is, man. I come from a black home, so I know how sensitive black women can be–especially when you talking about they looks or something like that.”

He might want to stick to the rivers and the lakes that he’s used to and leave the fashion and beauty to those in the know. But A$AP believes that fashion is a religion to him, so maybe he should just learn to think before he speaks instead.

Do you think the backlash against A$AP Rocky is justified, or should people just let the man speak his mind?


Photos courtesy of The Coveteur.

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