OK DON’T KILL ME! I know, I know that I am a tad bit late but I can not have this on my conscious that this particular collaboration occurred without personally giving it the introduction it so deserves! Dior Homme, released its Fall 2016 ad campaign on Tuesday morning featuring one of my top 3 favorite artist in the world, A$AP Rocky! 


Rakim Mayers aka A$AP Rocky, is one of the new faces of Dior and like anyone I am ecstatic about this collaboration! Honestly, this man never ceases to amaze me with his artistic ways. Rocky has always had a taste for fashion and when asked in an interview what he thought about being recognized as a fashion icon he humbly but confidently basically said: “It is about time.”

rocky 1


He has known since birth that this right here was the place for him and with his strong ties with Dior this was bound to happen soon. A$AP Rocky is an abundance of inspiration on so many levels, not only is he humble but he is genuine, authentic ,and weird which I love because weird is the new normal. His goal through everything he does is to make you feel and that is marvelous because it is the one thing that connects us all together.


Everything about him and the entire “A$AP” movement speaks volumes and positivity! Who agrees?

This fashion partnership with Dior is one of many to come for the fashion icon and rapper!


Congratulations A$AP Rocky I cannot wait to meet and collab with you myself, artist to artist, keep setting the bar higher and higher!


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