akon-advice-kesha-dr-luke-freddyoRapper/Producer/Philanthropist Akon offers some words of advice to Kesha and Dr. Luke’s ongoing legal and managing issues.

Check out what Akon had to say after the break.

Akon was spotted at LAX airport and when asked his thoughts about Kesha and Dr. Luke he had quite a bit to say. Akon has worked with the two and was pretty candid about how he would handle a situation like theirs. As you know Kesha and Dr. Luke has an ongoing legal situation due to Kesha not wanting to work with him after he allegedly sexually assaulted her.

This is what Akon had to say,

 “I wouldn’t want to keep an artist a part of my label if she doesn’t want to be there, It only creates more problems as it’s doing now because think about it, if the assault situation sticks Dr Luke’s career is over.

I can’t see it happening personally but nowadays you just never really know. I don’t want to discredit Kesha either because she could be a legitimate victim. If I was Dr. Luke I would just release her and let her live her life the way it should be. You know, I wouldn’t hold her to a contract especially if I wasn’t going to do business with her.”

I agree it might just be easier to part ways.

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