Amber Rose Baby Belly At 28 Weeks

Contributing Writer Dec 2 12 3 Comments

Amber Rose is still beautiful and pregnant. She and the wizbud are doing just fine. She is now 28 weeks preggo with fiance and baby daddy Wiz Khalifa’s baby boy.

Still styling and active while supporting her man she sends a tweet and love to her fans. AND we can see she is having a case of the pregnant munchies but still eating right. We should see a baby wizbud sooooon!!!

3 Comments to “Amber Rose Baby Belly At 28 Weeks”

  1. Courtney says:

    you people obviously suck at math if she was 28 weeks when those pics were taken two weeks ago she had about 3 months left which puts her due date at the end of february. granted first borns are often late unless issues come up at the end of pregnancy that hasten a quick delivery

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  3. LAURA says:

    She looks absolutely stunning!

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