Amber Rose says allegations that she planned to steal from former boyfriend Kanye West are not true. The model and aspiring musician says via Twitter that publicist Janero Marchand “is a fraud and a liar.” Marchand is releasing a tell-all DVD called “The Michael Jordan of Models: This Is Janero” in which he claims that Amber planned to steal from the rap superstar. Marchand alleges that it wasn’t until he told Kanye of Amber’s plan that he decided to break up with her. Amber, however, says Marchand has never worked for her and is just trying to sell his DVD. She adds that she already has her lawyers looking into his “ridiculous allegations and slander.”
This isn’t the first time that alleged details about Kanye and Amber’s relationship have been made public. Earlier this year Amber told “Star” magazine that Kanye had cheated on her with reality TV star Kim Kardashian.

 I think what really pissed Amber off was the fact that JoyDailyTV posted a video of “This is Janero” where he did a tell all interview on Amber. Check it out below…

In other news Amber  just drop her new club banger “Loaded” and says she doesn’t need a man for anything — ya right!!! Check out the song and tell me what you think? The track is Amber’s first official single and has a techno-dance vibe to it.

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