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Amber Rose might be cashing out on her now infamous Kanye tweet.  According to TMZ , Sextoy.com would love for Amber to help them in making a prostate massage toy.  They are the world’s largest online distributor in the sex toy marker, so Amber would be able to make some serious money if she were to agree.


After she came for Kanye with the #Fingersinthebootyassbitch, social media has been on fire with hashtags, memes and some real dialog about the subject. The CEO, Sextoy Dave believes that her tweet had helped to , “educate many people on the joys of prostate simulation”. They appear to be offering Amber her own line, so Amber would have her own fingers molded into shape to make the toy.

If this does come to fruition Kanye should be the beta tester since he would be able to give the best review after all.




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