An Insider To Publish A Tell All Book About Katt Williams

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I’m sure I’m not the only who’s been wondering what’s going on with Katt Williams. The comedian has been going through a significant amount of problems ranging from getting kicked out of his own set all the way to fighting at a Jeezy concert. I’ve got good news for you though. We no longer have to wonder. Darryl Littleton, another comedian who worked beside Katt’s side for over a year, is publishing a tell all book about Katt Williams titled Pimp Down: The Rise & Fall Of Katt Williams.  What a perfect title! In the book, Darryl talks about a number of things including drugs, tantrums, sexual exploits, alcohol, and even multiple suicide attempts. The book also hits on the normal celebrity must haves such as expensive cars, swanky homes, and celebrity worship. Darryl gives outsiders his perspective on what happened to Katt Williams and more importantly the dangerous patterns that celebrities develop in their lifestyles and minds. I wonder what Katt is going to say when he finds out about this. If this book sounds interesting to you, it’s all yours for $10 on Amazon.  Do you see any predictions of drama stemming from this?

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