Ariana Grande & Big Sean

So, we wanted to believe Ariana Grande’s camp when they said she was not dating her good friend, Big Sean! But these two are making it IMPOSSIBLE for us to believe them! The two musicians were seen at MTV’s 2014 VMAs holding hands! So, are y’all dating or nah!?…

Check out the details below!

Ummm so is anyone else confused about Ariana Grande and Big Sean’s relationship!? The music collaborators were spotted holding hands backstage at this year’s VMAs! Shortly after the “Break Free” singer won her award for Best Pop Video, she went backstage and was greeted by her camp and none other than her “friend” Big Sean. I just LOVED how the camera zoomed in on their hands as they walked backstage, and even when they were coming out of one of the rooms. 

Personally, they look very happy and cute together! Plus, the timing is perfect! They are no longer off the market, so why not? What are your thoughts? Comment below!

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