Are These Your Son’s … Prison Stories How They Turn Dudes Out

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This has to be one of the most painful stories to hear. “The harsh reality of prison rape is examined in this shocking and sobering documentary from filmmaker Jonathan Schwartz. Inside Alabama’s Limestone Correctional Facility, five inmates talk candidly about sexual abuse as a part of life on the inside. The long-term causes and conditions that perpetuate prison rape are examined, as well as the use of sex as a commodity, for comfort and for protection from the feared and brutal prison culture. ”

WOW.. You always hear about stuff like this but you never really thought it happen… I now look at every man that went to jail and will always think in my head… I wonder? Damn Damn Damn….

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20 Comments to “Are These Your Son’s … Prison Stories How They Turn Dudes Out”

  1. KeKe Love says:

    This story is too funny. My boyfriend was in jail for 4 years and I know for a fact he fucked dudes. So to hear these people tell their stories does not shock me at all. Face the fact women, most men like ass and will fuck anything.

    Yall know Tip got fucked and Lil Wayne is next.

  2. AMY says:

    keke is you still wid your boyfreind..this shit is disgusting damm shame

  3. huh??? says:


  4. WHAA? says:


    Did he “fuck” dudes or was he the one “getting fucked” like the white boy in the video…they basically punkd his ass..and if you know that ur bf fucked dudes then why r u with him? do you live in atlanta?

  5. WHAA? says:

    and i doubt it if t.i.p was gettin done in the ass…and lil wayne wont be next…just because your “man” did that doesnt mean the next man will!!

  6. Not so Much says:

    @ KEKE Your punk of a boyfriend was already curious or sexing faggs before he went in. Either way your mind is gone if you’re still with a man and claiming him as your boyfriend and he’s a homosexual. I am so glad I live in D.C. where our men get shipped off to either Upper Marlboro MD or once they get their time they headed to the FEDS! In D.C. the men that come home from the FEDS have a rule that they EXPOSE homosexual that were sexing homo’s in jail. Those homo’s are EXPOSED for the homo they really are. There’s a lot of Good Dudes that are still REAL MEN that come home and see that some Wimp that was sexing a faggot in prison now holding hands with lady! That doesn’t go down. The man will be exposed in due time; just hope it’s not too late. We have down low homo’s in D.C. but! They are EXPOSED cause mofo’s in this city can NOT keep their mouth shut so the secret won’t stay a secret for long. My Gay friend will tell me while he had his stay at the pen who he was getting it in with. It’s SAD when it’s someone you know that was not satisfied beating their meat in the pen!

  7. Nesia says:

    They would have to use them knives on me all day! Cut me… And, you better make sure you kill me because if not… I’m gone kill you off nice and slow. Day by day! If I live to see another day I would stick a chair leg up his ass and make it come out his throat! Now taste that wood you want to rape men do you! When is he going to hell!

  8. LAYLA says:

    Damn this is raw. I guess dudes better start picking their flavors before getting locked up. Because somebody is going to have the taste for Grape.

  9. mswin says:

    This is truly a sick but true story…i’m from Alabama and have worked on several jobs with guys that where on work release programs…95% of the guys that i worked with on a daily bases admitted to having sexual relations with other men while in prison and the sad part about it is that they where very open whenever the discussion came up..many of them had women at home waiting on them and children also…these guys basically acted as if it was the norm behind bars..and we wonder why the black families have fallen apart look at the black men…sad truly sad

  10. FAG STOP DELETING COMMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!! says:


  11. MZOJUMU says:

    This is exactly why i dont date men who have been to prison…the majority are “SUGAR BOOTIES”…it is sad but it is true…to take a man and turn him out like that…i laugh at the ones who have did 8-10 years in prison i know either they have entered or they have let someone enter them..and then they on the streets trying to act hard and in reality their booty is a swing door… is sad though cause to be protected in prison these are some of the measures that you have to take…trust me they will just have to kick my ass…

  12. jailhouse says:

    where i was lock up it wasn’t like that them fags know who to try…i done seen niggas from my set get lock up and start fucking them punks in lock up and act like they str8 but i tell the streets when that nigga was lock up he was fucking them punks…i tell it cause i got 2 homeboys i trap with and they ass got sent down the road started fucking them punks in lock up then touch back down on the streets like they aint fuck these niggas lock up…..we cool but bro ya’ll str8 fags my nigga..shit trust me niggas got them phones in prisons now where they can call u all day and all night they gonna tell u what ‘s goin oon up in there and who saying what…

  13. shamrock23 says:


  14. mswin says:

    Update….i did some research LIMESTONE PRISON IN ALABAMA where this video was made is where all the AIDS/HIV infected inmates in the state of Alabama are sent…they have a special location on site just for them…

  15. Souljagir says:

    @ jailhouse I concure with that. The only think I have to say is that while some poster said they’re outed in DC neva that! There are more boy boys that are bottoms and tops then you know! Too, DC is known in the Feds to have a TON of homosexuals. Now it’s not a bad thing to be gay but to be raped in jail is unfathomable and I don’t see how or why they haven’t worked on this to stop ish like this. I mean my goodness I would feel for anyones son who has to go through this for committing a crime if they weren’t a murderer, rapist, pedofile or something along those lines! This is just utterly disguisting I swear those men need to be shot in the head passing that man around and laughing about it! I don’t see how he has a girl because to be violated always makes one think they’re less of a man or infected or has homosexual tendancies! Pray for out families this is what we have to live with in the world.

  16. WHAT???? says:

    @SoulJaiger!!! I live in D.C. and was surprised when Atlanta was named the gayest city and not D.C. and yes you are right… We do have a ton of faggots in the FED Jail system (mainly from Southeast where tons of down low brothers are and living and passing AIDS! But, they are EXPOSED! If you know anything about this CITY WASH D.C. no one can keep a secret and down low faggs are EXPOSED! which reminds me that I took my cousin (drag queen) to pick up her boy friend the other day and this straight up man of a looking nicca got in my car and spoke to me his was finer that 4 fines and he was sucking my (drag queen cousins d*ck) behind clothes doors and he just had a baby by his girlfriend. SICK!

  17. tammie reed says:

    That video is sad and even the comments,pray for us!

  18. Chi Chi says:

    There are a few things people must understand and I worry that people are being sidetracked by their homophobia:
    - Rape is a violent act, and anyone who is not strong or connected in jail is prey. It is an act of power and domination, and if that’s what it takes for some messed up men to feel powerful in a powerless situation (jail being the ultimate), they’ll do it.
    - The need for sex & connection drives men to engage in the sort of sex act that they would not otherwise engage in otherwise. What they do in or out of jail is their business as long as they are honest and not dragging their wives/girlfriends down the pit with them.
    - HIV and AIDS are the ultimate threats. Do these men use protection? Are women asking for condoms during sex?
    - What is being done to help deal with rape trauma?
    It’s a messed up situation for sure.

  19. Chi Chi says:

    It is rape, sexual slavery!

  20. Toni Jay says:

    Its a damn shame but it is real. I have a brother inb jail and he never been before and I worry about him a little bit. He is a manly dude but after this dudes are wil. I would die before I let some man rape me in jail and make me grease up for him. Lies that men tell but ladies need to use protection from these dudes. Aids gets a bad name sometimes meaning…. If you made it happen stupidily then that is what you get. Men are freaks and lyers and damn ladies watch the fuck out. Ugggg your man is fucking and nutting off another man. I will never forgive and might even kick his fucking teeth in

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