Kimberly Nicole is making moves with the release of her new single “Sarah the Devil” on her forthcoming album “The Lovely Bones” slated for release in 2014. The lovely Seattle born songwriter new single is being released today and she’s premiering it at the famous Apollo Theater.
Check out the details below.

KimberlyNicole is making moves tonight at the legendary Apollo Theater for their Music Cafe Series as the headliner.

The Mistress of Madness of the wildly popular private New York night club, The Box, is also releasing her new single “Sarah the Devil” a hot single about a girl who don’t follow the rules. This is what KimberlyNichole had to say about her new single,
Sarah the Devil is someone who refuses to play by the rules, a recklessly bold individual walking to the beat of her or his own drum and refuses to follow the status quo. It is a rock song laced with soul undertones.   
It’s really hot check it out below:

The songstress will be live and in living color to a sold out audience tonight at the Apollo. This girl has brought ROCK N ROLL back to the masses. We are feeling KimberlyNicole and can’t wait to see what her forthcoming album will bring.

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Twitter: @KimNicky
Instagram: KimNicky

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