Last week, we had the amazing pleasure of chatting with both Kristal Lydriette, formerly of the group Rich Girls that also featured Sevyn Streeter, and the head of her label, Tyrese Gibson.  Prior to talking to the first artist on Tyrese Gibson’s label, Voltron Records; we chatted with Tyrese about his inspiration for her project, the decision to release some of her music, and so much more.  After her former group toured with Beyoncé, they disbanded, leaving Kristal depressed and in need of a new label and fresh start.  Check out what she and Tyrese had to share with us!

Tyrese said that he wasn’t going to drop any of her music on this side of the year; but after an “email” from God, he changed his mind. He’s looking forward to getting people excited about Kristal’s music, while allowing them to enjoy her influence and style instead of putting out a Tyrese album sung by Kristal.

They’ve forged a working relationship because they believe in each other. While the artist could have chosen any offers from larger labels, he offered a familiar face- they’ve known each other since she was a teen. So, now that one door has closed for her with Rich Girls, another has opened up with Voltron Records.


Kristal on the difference between the project released with Rich Girls and her current situation:

No one got to shine individually. We all had to share the spotlight. Since the music was pre-done, there was no room for individual style to come through. Being a solo artist will prove challenging because I’ll be doing everything on my own. I’m used to having three other girls {for support}.

Kristal on her musical influences, her style in one word, and artists she’d like to work with:

I’m influenced by Brandy, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Madonna, etc. My music in one word, ‘FREE’. There are no chains or limits to where I’ll go. I’ll venture into any genre of music and touch anyone I can. I’d love to work with Brandy. Kendrick Lamar is extremely talented.  He gave a speech that touched me.  He said, ‘Believe in yourself no matter where you come from.”


Kristal on her decision to go the independent route with Tyrese’s label:

It wasn’t a difficult decision at all.  I could have gone with the money and sit on a shelf.  I wanted quality over quantity.  Bigger labels don’t necessarily have more to offer.

Tyrese is definitely proof that independent releases can still garner major label success.  His last solo album, “Open Invitation” saw it’s debut single “Stay” spend 11 weeks at number one.

We’re sure that Tyrese’s work ethic and business prowess will wear off on his artist, Kristal.  Her debut album is slated for release in the summer of 2014, so be on the look out.

Check out her single:

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