Rapper Drake dropped a nice little surprise for fans this past weekend. He released his response to Meek Mill via a new diss track called “Charged Up!”

Check out the details below!


Drake has finally responded to Meek Mill by dropping a new diss record called “Charged Up!” In true Drake fashion it was a mellow diss that addressed the “ghostwriter” allegations. He let’s be known that Meek will have to answer to a higher power for spreading the lies!

Meek Mill and Drake

If you remember last week Meek took to Twitter and ranted about Drake. During that time he accused the Canadian rapper of not writing his own raps and using a ghostwriter by the name of Quentin Miller. Since then he has made a public apology to his beaux Nicki Minaj and Miller has stated that he is NOT a ghostwriter for Drake, but someone who has worked with him.

Drake kept real cool, calm, and collected with his new record “Charged Up.” It was no surprise that he responded but I wonder how Meek is taking it? I’m pretty sure his Twitter page will tell us.

Check out Drake’s “Charged Up:”

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