If you haven’t seen one of Auntie Fee’s curse laden cooking videos, then you must have been hiding under a rock. Auntie Fee’s cooking videos all over Facebook, on her YouTube channel, on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and earlier today on Steve Harvey.

Check it out!


Auntie Fee, from Los Angeles,  is known for cussin at her son Tavis, who is also the cameraman for her videos gone viral, charting over two million hits.

While she was on Steve Harvey today to cook chicken salad shots and smothered tater tots; she barely made it through the seasoning portion of the cooking segment because she and Steve were cracking jokes.

Auntie Fee’s talents lie in the kitchen and Steve’s are centered around finding love. Steve actually found a guy for Auntie Fee, check out their date!

Looks like Steve might have found a match!

Check out Auntie Fee on Jimmy Kimmel

Would you watch her cooking show?

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