Basketball Wives Stars Kenya Bell & Suzie Ketcham Get Into Fight

Contributing Writer Feb 24 13 2 Comments

Basketball Wives stars Kenya Bell and Suzie Ketcham got into a full brawl last week. The entire incident allegedly happened over a meatball. Details inside.


TMZ reports that a fight between the reality stars happened at a restaurant in LA. The ladies are currently taping season 5 of Basketball Wives. Kenya was fired from the show last year but brought back to this season to settler her ‘beef’ with Suzie.


Did it go as planned?! The ladies got into a heated argumentĀ and exchanged plenty of words. The entire situation escalated when Suzie threw her plate of meatballs across the table to hit Kenya. Sources say Kenya came after Suzie swinging. Both ladies were physical. Producers stepped in and broke up the fight. According to the sources Evelyn Lozada and Tami Roman walked away from the scene and wanted no part of the action. No police were called. The fight is supposed to be on the new season…

2 Comments to “Basketball Wives Stars Kenya Bell & Suzie Ketcham Get Into Fight”

  1. nik says:

    I hope Kenya wore Suzie retarded ass out…

  2. WOW FACTOR says:

    This show is full of shi* , shuannie and the rest of them hoodlum look a mess on TV fighting all the dam* time. These woman are too grown for that but consist on degrating their image of themselves and of other black women. Seeing the Basketball wives behave so badly depict black woman in a negative light. I would think the platform that is giving to them, they would use it more in a positive light , wrong they perfer to engage in mess that is foolish….. I think it is a great time for Basketball Wives to come to an end ,it has had it run but an end have to come. But before I get out of here I have to say Tami and Evelyn walk away from the fight shacking their head it say in the reading… Them two girls are the first girl who first initiated the ignorancy of fighting on TV and now they dont want anything to do with it bunch of bull shit fire these hoes and proceeded with new Cast mate.

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