BET has banned Ciara’s hot music video for her new single, “Ride.” The singer tells that the network’s decision is “unfortunate.” Ciara says, quote, “Hopefully one day it will be on there. I’m definitely more than willing to make an edit to make it suitable for whatever it is that would be more comfortable to the network.” She adds that it’s hard to say exactly why BET chose not to air “Ride,” although she’s aware of many “sensual moments” in the music video.

The “Ride” video features rapper Ludacris, but it mostly shows Ciara dancing by herself showing off some very sexy moves. In one shot, she’s wearing a bathing suit and fur coat. In another scene, she’s wearing a wet white tank top and riding a mechanical bull. Check out Ciara’s “Ride” video online at Here’s the video tell me what you think?

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