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The Kaaaannnggg of the South made his way to BET months before handing himself to Forrest City Federal Correction Complex. T.I. sat down with radio personality Angie Martinez, hip hop journalist Harry Allen, and sportscaster Steve Smith. During the interview T.I. spoke on his previous experiences behind bars for his 2009 conviction on gun charges. Here’s one of the many things Mr. Harris had to say:

“If you look around in a prison, at least myself, I saw thieves, I saw burglars, I saw crackheads, I saw, you know, the same people that I would walk around on the street, and you would never associate with these people out of respect for yourself,” he added. “Ok, so if you’re on the street and you’re looking at these people and you are above their standards, how do you and them end up in the same place, one bed next to each other? I got to be better than that.”

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