Beyonce appeared on her first interview since their daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, was born on January 7.


She said that during her time in the interview, husband Jay-Z will be busy changing diapers of their daughter.


P.S. {This Is Not a Real PHOTO}. Now Back to the story…


Star Magazine reported that she talked about the controversial tight security that prevented others from seeing their newborns.

She said, it was necessary for the security of their newborn abandoning the trouble general people had with their own newborns at the hospital.

Regarding her feeling when she held the baby for the first time, the singer said, “Nothing can describe the feeling. You have the instant connection once you know your child is growing inside you, but when you hold it for the first time, the words can’t be found.”

She also revealed that Jay-Z was in the room when she was giving birth to her baby. Praising him, Beyonce said that Jay-Z has always been a protective husband and since she was pregnant, she has also seen the protective father side in him. She added that he was not only an inspirational artist but also an inspirational husband and will be an inspirational father soon.

But does it wonder that a superstar like him will change the diapers for his baby? In Beyonce’s words, he will be a ‘hands-on’ father. She said that “Love is doing the little things for your child.”

Beyonce said that Blue Ivy will have a normal life. At home, the baby will have a normal and loving dad, mom, aunt and grandparents. She argued that they are one normal, loving family who happened to be in the public eye.

What do you think of Beyonce’s first interview? Everything’s all right except the security part, right?

Spotted @ Daily Mail.

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