The Beyhive is sure to be buzzing right now. Today Beyonce released a 6 second promo video for something that we’re not quite sure about but whatever it is, it’s going down at 9 AM tomorrow. Watch the video plus check out pictures that have been leaked from her British Vogue photoshoot.

What do you think this promo video is for? Many think that it’s to get fans geared up for a video either for “Bow Down” or “I Been On”. Her mechanical costume takes us back to her video for “Put A Ring On It” where she had a robotic hand at the end. Maybe this is a trend that she likes. Then again we could be wrong about it all. That’s Bey for ya! She kept fans in a similar suspense when she was prepping for her Superbowl performance so this is no surprise for us.

These photos have also been leaked of the star posing for British Vogue. Beyonce is doing her thing!


Blue’s mommy knows how to work for the camera!


What do you think this promo video is for? Will you be online at 9 AM tomorrow to find out what’s all the hype about? Stans we wanna hear from you!


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