Beyonce Says She Lost 60 Pounds After Giving Birth

That Retail Chick May 28 12 4 Comments

According to CB, Beyonce recently spilled on how she managed to whip back into shape following the birth of daughter Blue Ivy — she lost a whopping 60 pounds!  You’ve got tp hear what she told her fans at the 2nd Revel show about this!

“I have not been on stage in a year. Do you know how hard I worked?!” Beyonce, 30, told a packed house during her second show in Atlantic City this Saturday. “I lost 60 pounds! They had me on the treadmill.”

Remember the MET Gala where Beyonce said she had not spent that much time in the gym?



4 Comments to “Beyonce Says She Lost 60 Pounds After Giving Birth”

  1. Liberiangirl says:

    This woman just keeps on lying. The sad part about it is that her lying is obviously not intentional because she can’t even keep up with her lies. She hasn’t been on the stage in a year. Was your stunt double at Roseland last year in August of 2011? She said on stage in Atlantic City “they had me on a treadmill eating lettuce” but at the Met Gala she said it was rehearsing and not spending to much time working out that allowed her to lose the weight. Why everytime Beyonce does something she makes it into a monumental event. She said she hopes to inspire people because she pulled her Atlantic City show together in weeks and it should have taken months…so? Why try so hard to let everyone know how “great” you are.

    Dear Beyonce, you are an amazing talent. You have impeccable performance skills and you bring the house down everytime you perform and you are a wonderful singer and entertainer. There is no need to broadcast your every move as if it is a major accomplishment. Again, You have an amazing talent. Just continue to give that to your fans, nothing more and nothing less.

    A fan of yours that has supported you since Destiny Child

  2. Jess says:

    Maybe at first she didn’t want to tell pregnant women they literally have to live in the gym to lose the weight, but now she’s being honest. Its not that big a deal. People over analyze celebrities way too much

  3. elena says:

    This chick needs to sit down, take some time out to
    be a MOTHER and enjoy the first years of her daughters life.

  4. SokPriekSnuro says:

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