After little Blue Ivy has been criticized for everything from her hair to her “boyish” attire, you’d think folks would give the Carter family a break right?


No Houston love was shown to Beyonce after a writer SLAMS the singer’s rendition of the late Amy Winehouse’s single, Back to Black, for the upcoming film The Great Gatsby.

Houston Press writer Angelica Leicht didn’t mince her words in the piece, filed under the categories WTF Island and Oh, The Humanity on the news site. I mean, the title of the post is I Hate Beyonce’s New “Back to Black” Cover With My Entire Soul .

Not ¼ of her soul. Her ENTIRE soul. Well damn…

Leicht goes on to say,

“Bey and Andre’s collaboration on Amy Winehouse’s throwback tune may very well have produced the worst song that’s ever been released, cover or otherwise.”

That hurt ME, and I ain’t even on the track with Bey and Andre 3000.


And to pour salt in the wound, even Amy Winehouse’s daddy spoke out about the track, saying

“I just heard the Andre part of ‘Back to Black.’ Terrible. He should have let Beyoncé do it all.”

Maybe it was hearing Andre sing the lyrics “I kept my di&k wet” that offended Mitch Winehouse’s ears?


What do you think of Beyonce’s version of Back to Black?

Photos courtesy of US Magazine and Houston Press

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