Monica straight ripped the stage this weekend at Birthday Bash 15. She performed all her new school jams, and a few old school jams like “Just One of them Days”. Currently, Monica is looking over a few movie roles, and is filming her new video for her latest radio single in California. Mo was straight crushing them with the Louboutins, and if you are a fan of Freddyo, you know we acknowledge hot shoe games….especially the “red bottoms”. My girl Ciara also came out and repped for Atlanta in a major way. She let it be known that she is that ‘chic’, and is back residing in the A town. Check out all the pictures of my homegirls Monica and Ciara doing their thing at Birthday Bash 15. I got to give it to Trina, because she looked great and was red bottom stunting as well. Here are all the pic’s…

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