Sheree Whitfield of The Real Housewives of Atlanta wants the world to know that her ex-husband Bob Whitfield is a woman beating abuser who choked her and left her for dead during their marriage. Well, apparently at least one of Bob’s real life girlfriend’s says that Sheree is a liar and that Bravo should be disgusted. She also reveals that she was actually in Hawaii with Bob while all this was filming.

Clearly Katy Richards wants you to know that she was in Hawaii with Bob during filming and that he was completely on board with ‘pretending’ to get back with Sheree. She also wants you to know that “the show lies and Bob Whitfield is a good person.”

For reference, Bob appeared alongside Katy on an episode of the reality show ‘Atlanta Plastics’. I think she was getting a botched face lift fixed or something, but Bob agreed to appear on the show as her longtime ‘friend’.

As for the email referring to Katy as Bob’s longtime ‘mistress’… I have no clue about that. He’s been single (as in unmarried) for a while now so I don’t know if the TITLE is quite appropriate but I DO know that this woman is one of his many female friends.

Bob and Katy were also spotted together at the premiere of FOX’s new show “Shots Fired”. Sure there will be more coming out soon to share their stories, including the one who claimed to be married to Bob a few years back.

If you recall, Sheree, felt that Bob ambushed her on that ‘Fix My Life Episode’ where she was made to look like a GOLD digging schemer

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