Bobbi Kristina Brown & Whitney’s Son Nicholas Dating : Crissy Changing Name To Kristina Houston

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HollywoodLife reports Bobbi Kristina Brown is said to be romantically involved with Nicholas Gordon, the 22-year-old man who Whitney Houston raised like he was her own son! Read our eyewitness report.
No wonder Bobbi Kristina Brown doesn’t want to leave her home in Atlanta, Georgia to live with her grandmother Cissy Houston in New Jersey! Two eyewitnesses tell that they witnessed the 19-year-old girl lip kissing her unofficial adopted brother, Nicholas Gordon, who lives with her in Whitney Houston‘s former townhouse in Atlanta.

Sources say Bobbi Kristina and Nick weren’t holding back their PDA during a shopping trip to Target in the community of Johns Creek, Georgia, near their gated community on March 9. That just shows you when you think people are not watching they are… LOL

“Bobbi and Nick were in the music section and then all over the store,” two sources tell us. “Bobbi was kissing him on the mouth and holding hands. They were laughing and smiling and seemed SO happy.”

Add the eyewitnesses,

“She was wearing a black short pencil bandage skirt with a black top and black knee high boots. Her hair and makeup were all done too, like she was going to go out on the town. He was in all black — black jeans, black shirt, earrings and a black wide-brimmed hat.”

Even though Bobbi Kristina, 19, and Nick, 22, wandered all around the store, they didn’t have a cart or anything with them and left in a silver SUV, the same one that’s usually seen outside their townhouse.

Sources report that Bobbi was with Nick in Target, since he tweeted a photo of the two of them together later that afternoon in the same outfits our eyewitnesses saw and described.

Their close relationship has been going on for several months, and Bobbi and Nick’s tweets back and forth to each other prove it.

“Happy Birthday @REALbkBrown I love you,” he wrote to her on her birthday, March 4.

Nick was also protective of Bobbi, saying, “Thank you guys for all the birthday wishes for @REALbkBrown #NBL” and calling her his “baby sis” on Dec. 11.


Meanwhile, Bobbi tweeted a photo over the holidays with the caption, “Mom, @ndgordon (: & I on the way to the airport friday ! (:#NYCBABYYYYY

On Nov. 24, Bobbi wrote, “I love sleeping with big brudder (: only person that helps my insomnia B!! Hah (: #teamfamilia!”

The same day, she suggestively tweeted , “Mmm @ndgordon An I.. Mmm can you say early risers ?(:”

In September, Bobbi called Nick her “other half,” writing, “Home relaxing with othrhalf @ndgordon &maximus(: yaay. Sleep soon ! So tired, long week! #AlwaysHavingGOD in your heart « eternalblessings”

Clearly, these two have been in a deep relationship for quite some time — well before Bobbi Kristina’s mom’s tragic death last month. That said, there have been reports that members of Bobbi Kristina’s extended family — especially her grandma, Cissy — doesn’t approve of Nick and wants him to move out of Whitney’s house and Bobbi Kristina’s life, even though he has lived there and has known her for 10 years.

Plus, judging from the tweets and photos, Whitney knew about this relationship and didn’t put a stop to it, letting Bobbi Kristina and Nick live under the same roof. Also, Nick wasn’t officially adopted by Whitney, she just reportedly took him in as her own and supported him. In fact, when Whitney’s friends referred to her death, they reportedly said they were concerned about “her children,” meaning she considered Nick her son. Hey if her mama didn’t care why should we… Let Crissy be happy…

TMZ reported Bobbi Kristina Brown plans to change her name feeling that her father destroyed her life.
The 19 year old, who will inherit her late mom’s entire estate while her dad will receive nothing, told friends she will become “Kristina Houston.”

Bobbi has made the decision with a sober mind and is in a “better place” than she’s been in a while.

In her will, signed in 2000 while she was still married to Brown, Houston bestowed all of her money, cars, furniture, clothing, jewelry and personal effects to her daughter.
Bobbi Kristina will receive a chunk of money on her 21st birthday, a second installment on her 25th, and the remainder on her 30th birthday, despite concerns over her readiness to handle such a fortune.
Houston and Brown married in July 1992 and their daughter was born in March 1993, but their marriage was marred by drug use and a battery charge. The troubled pair split in 2006, after 14 years of marriage.
In recently discovered divorce documents, Brown claimed to be living out of his car after the divorce.

8 Comments to “Bobbi Kristina Brown & Whitney’s Son Nicholas Dating : Crissy Changing Name To Kristina Houston”

  1. stacy says:

    Did she bleach her skin because I swear she was always dark lol I believe anyone with a big forhead should have bangs because she did not get whitney looks. Anyway someone should really watch her because she look like a wild child and playing the blame game with bobby brown who is your father is not right whitney destroy her life only her.

  2. Renee says:

    @Stacy no one knows what that child has seen in here lifetime there is no telling what she endured in that house with 2 drug addicted parents ! So obviously she knows things the public does not know for her to feel so much anger toward her father

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  4. Bliss says:

    I don’t believe this posting at all. People say what they want and look for a picture on Google to match. The Oprah interview was enlightening and I relieved she is surrounded by love.

  5. LifeABitc* says:


  6. punkim says:

    Cissy Huston do not have the legal right to make Kristina live with her. Her granddaughter has the right to choose where she wants to live. Cissy or the Sister in law is only the executor of her estate, but Kristina can easliy obtain a lawyer to look over her inhertance to make sure her inhertance isn’t spent on anything other than what is detail. Thing moght be a little different if Kristina was a minor but she isn’t. So her grandmother need to be careful trying to throw her authory around. The young lady need guidance not someone trying to instrict their rules upon her. The outcome might not be so graceful and the grandmother could lose her granddaughter.

  7. sunkiss says:

    Hey the media go again like really leave Bobbi Kriss alone shes beautiful. So quick to post such negative things about her give this young lady time to hill yall grown ups should be speaking posative things about her. Concern your selves with whats going on in your back yard. Oh but you cant to busy looking in some one else#pow

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