Bobby Brown is explaining why he left his ex-wife Whitney Houston’s funeral early. The singer told NBC’s “Today” show that security at the church told him he had to sit away from his “entourage,” which turned out only to be his kids. Brown says he didn’t think that was fair.

The singer also talked about his relationship with daughter Bobbi Kristina. He says he is not worried about her getting into drugs, even though there have been media reports of her smoking marijuana. Brown also said he wishes he could talk to Whitney’s mother, Cissy, but says she has not returned any of his phone calls. The interview marked Brown’s first interview since Whitney’s passing in February.

When asked by the host how he felt about reports that Bobbi had been allegedly taking marijuana and other drugs, the singer admitted he was worried.


“I would always be worried about that,” the Mirror quoted him as saying.


The occasional singer took the chance to straighten a few things out about himself and daughter Bobbi.


But when asked whether he is seriously concerned about his daughter and the drugs allegations, Bobby paused for a while and added “Right no? No.”


“I know what she I know what she is actually doing. I think people are, you know, making assumptions of what my daughter is and how strong she is.

“She’s a strong girl. Her mother taught her well. I think we raised her really well. She’s fine, she knows that her mum is gone and she has to live.

“People tend to want to control strong-willed people. And that’s what I see.

“I am her father. She talks to me about everything,” he said.

Although Bobby said that his teenage daughter talks to him about everything, he wasn’t entirely certain whether the reports that Bobbi is dating her adopted brother Nick Gordon are true.

“She’s a young lady and I would expect her to have a boyfriend,” he said.

But when probed over whether that boyfriend is her adopted brother, Brown wasn’t very sure.

“I wouldn’t know about that – I don’t think so. She would definitely tell me.

“Nick’s a good kid, I have nothing against Nick. But I asked her, she said no,” he said.

Here’s the interview:

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