Bow Wow Is Expecting His First Child With Video Model ‘Miss Joie’

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Shad Moss AKA Bow Wow who is 23 years old is rumored to be expecting his first child with his on again off again video model friend Miss Joie. Joie confirmed the news of her pregnancy on her Twitter page yesterday saying,

“Thank you everyone for your kind love & blessings. I’m beyond anxious & excited to be a mommy.”

After reaching out to Bow Wow‘s people they laughed and said:

“Wait watch and See” what ever that means?

Bow Wow has yet to officially announce that he is to become a father, but I was told he is planning on breaking the news with a major media outlet soon…. Spotted@ Gumbumper

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13 Comments to “Bow Wow Is Expecting His First Child With Video Model ‘Miss Joie’”

  1. Kennedi says:

    Who the hell is Shad Gregory?

  2. RidingFinest says:

    I thought it was Shad Moss

  3. jameka says:

    awwwwww datsz soo kute (:

  4. Gumbumper says:

    Congrats Bow Wow!!

  5. ADT says:

    It’s Shad Gregory Moss.

  6. BarbieBish_91 says:

    Angela Simmons is going to be pissed.Lol

  7. Bianca says:

    Wait,Watch and See mean the damn baby prolly aint his!!! They waiting for a DNA Test!

  8. Anoymous says:

    All i can say is this, SINGING: Momma may has and Poppa may has but GOD BLESS THE CHILD, WHO GOT IT’S OWN WHO GOT IT’S OWN… in a modern day version, who in the fuck wants someone like this bitch Miss Joie a bi sexual gold digging bitch two way whore, that’s bad enough then you got this dude Child Like, immature, has been, Cocky ass he wants to be, and most of all HE GAY ASSS FUCK.. Who in the world wants something like that to be their parents. I feel sooo sorry for this KID. Let’s pray and hope this child has some kind of Talent cuz he going to spend the rest of his/her life collecting Social Security Benefits because of height disorder. But God Bless The Child Enough said.

  9. Ki says:

    Wow, another rapper gets a video chic pregnant, by “acccident”. Big deal.

  10. alaysha says:

    i love u bow wow and you r going to be a good father 2 your baby.


  11. Yara says:

    Shad Gregory Moss, it’s Bow Wow full name. ;)

  12. lil bow wow…. does that now make him lil daddy????

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