Bow Wow’s Twitter account has caused another controversy. According to, the rap star is accused of tweeting about a sexual offer to one of his fans. Bow Wow was allegedly trying to ask a woman for “dome” — a slang term for oral sex — but allegedly posted his request by mistake on his Twitter account for everyone to see. Several of his followers claim to have a photo of the tweet, but Bow Wow says the picture of his Twitter account has been altered. He explains, quote,

“The tweet that was posted was Photoshopped. Just recently I did an interview on how I never pay for sex, so I guess someone felt the need to write some bogus tweet before my original tweet. I have damn near 500-thousand followers on Twitter. If I were to tweet such foolishness it would have been all over Twitter in a matter of seconds.”

Bow Wow says he doesn’t know why people feel the need to try and bring him down adding, quote, “All I want to do is please my fans, make more millions, make sure my family is straight and have fun.” Bow Wow made headlines back in January when he tweeted that he was driving drunk following a night out in Miami. Bow Wow quickly issued an apology calling his behavior, quote, “stupid and immature.”

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