UPDate Below: Bow Wow found himself explaining to Ciara, he’s not felling her new music. Sources say Bow Wow followed Ciara last week on Twitter and sent a follow up Tweet to her.

Ciara premiered her first single “Sweat” on Twitter to her fans. Which led ex-boyfriend Bow Wow to unfollow her, due to having the same “Sweat” song title as him. He then retweeted a tweet saying the following, “@ciara sooooo bow wow latest single was called sweat to…..oh??“ Bow and Lil Wayne dropped their original song Sweat 3 months ago.

The rapper then took Facebook to express his feelings.

Perhaps Bow Wow can’t get Ciara “Outta” His System? The couple broke up in 2006. LOL

UPDate: Top music source called pissed about the story this is what they said:


“Ciara did not know he had a song with the same name “Sweat”, and by the time the producers found out it was to late. It takes weeks to make things happen when you deal with major labels, nothing is ever done overnight and who sit’s around trying to find out if the song name is taken. No one, that’s companies like B.M.I. and other music publishing companies JOB. I don’t think CiCi would ever do that! Its crazy how people catch feeling’s instead of coming to the source. If people would stop putting all this free music out, where they take producers music and post it on the internet hoping it will be a hit, never paying for the publishing, or even paying the producers I.E., or doing stuff the correct way. Not saying I am feeling the song, cause I’m not, but at the end she didn’t know. Help don’t hurt, she’s dealing with a lot. He’s just mad she passed on performing with him last year get over it”

Last year Bow Wow and Ciara spoke on twitter and he invited her to join him in Australia to perform their classic hit “Like You”? She repided it would be amazing.

Do you think thats why he’s really mad? Here’s the song…

Here’s Ciara new song…

Are you feeling the music!!! I know everything will work out, in time here are some throw back photos…


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