Trina gears up for a huge performance at big sister Toni’s showcase, and the rest of the sisters meet up in LA to take Tamar to her first parenting class. Oh, baby…here we go!

Tamar has her mind on two things lately: her pregnancy and all the food she gets to eat. And Mama Evelyn has settled into the house comfortably to help her with the baby when it arrives, but all Tamar can think about his chicken! bfvfreddyo4Mama E says she is not there just to be the “Suzy Homemaker.” She’s been with every one of her kids when they had a baby, and now it’s Tamar’s time to get some of that love. Tamar agrees that having Mama E in the house is a great thing, but she just wants smothered and covered chicken to go along with it. Bless her and those pregnancy cravings!

Once the sisters realize that Tamar may not be fully ready to be a mom, they convince her to take a parenting class. Tamar doesn’t think she needs one, because she’s help to raise her nieces and nephews, and has been around children her whole life. bfvfreddyo2But when they got to the class, she was mind blown! Tamar admitted that she was scared of the pain during labor. The instructor shows her everything that happens during the labor process, and we mean everything. bfvfreddy06She uses a sock puppet to demonstrate, and Tamar immediately turns to Mama E and says, “Mama I changed my mind!” Sorry, boo…too you can’t return a baby! Gotta see it through!

Towanda catches up with Trina to have some lunch and they discuss her pending move to L.A. bfvfreddyo1She feels like everyone is abandoning Atlanta to migrate out west, and Towanda isn’t trying to uproot her family anytime soon. Trina tries to convince her that moving to the west coast isn’t that bad, but Towanda says if she had a multi-million dollar job out there waiting on her, then she’ll consider. And we can’t say we don’t blame her. Nothing moves but the money!

If there is one thing we all know about Ms. Toni Braxton by now, it’s that she’s a perfectionist to the core. bfvfreddy05She gears up for a big performance and of course has Trina and Towanda as her background singers, but she also extends an offer to Trina to perform solo. Trina is grateful for the chance to share her music with Toni’s fans, but the only thing is she’s just not ready! bfvfreddyo3She stumbles through rehearsal and at the sound check and Toni, being the boss, ends up cutting Trina’s latest single “Game Time,” since no one could get it together.

Toni takes the stage again and admits that she felt a little excitement and nostalgia while performing. bfvfreddy07Last time she was contemplating retiring from the music business altogether, but after this showcase it seems like might be rethinking it. And we hope she doesn’t bow out just yet!

bfvfreddyoTrina’s performance of her song “Party or Go Home” went well, but she and the girls admitted that they could’ve done a little better. But considering they only had a few days to practice it wasn’t that bad! We love it when the Braxton sisters work together and make good music. A true sister act indeed!

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