Things got heated Thursday night as The Game and another rapper went to blows at Lil Wayne’s 30th birthday party…. (more inside)


Lil Wayne celebrated his birthday Thursday night with a list of celebrity friends including Chris Brown, Sean Kingston and more.  Another guest that joined the party was looking for more than just bottle poppin and chicks as he tried to kick off with rapper The Game.



TMZ reports that another rapper going by the name 211 approached The Game, who was minding his own business, during the party and began to get in his face and talk smack.  After that things obviously escalated and lead to The Game allegedly punching 211 in the face and then turning their section into an all out fight.


Security had to step in and calm down the altercation before it got even worse.  Word on the street is that there has already been passed incidences with The Game and 211 and that they are not exactly the best of friends.


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