I had the opportunity to sit down with the big homies over at Archive Entertainment. They are bringing the noise when it comes to Atlanta music, business, and entertainment. It’s so cool to sit down with people who are making moves in not only the entertainment side but in business. If you know Young Thug, Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson, and Mykko Montana you know Archive Entertainment.


Check out our exclusive interview below.

I got a chance to catch up with the big homie Bobby Patterson CEO of Archive Entertainment, a budding multi-media dynasty located in Atlanta, GA. Bobby was gearing up for the big South by Southwest huge festival for musicians but, took a minute to swing by Tees & Quotes to catch us up on what’s new with the Archive Entertainment Family. Dressed in all black, Bobby is an Atlanta multi-media mogul with the hustler’s mentality of Berry Gordy, the hunger of a young Jermaine Dupri, and the panache of Jay-Z.

In partnership with Bobby, Anwar Patterson serves as co-CEO’s of Archive Entertainment, although that is just one of the titles he holds. Anwar is also an executive producer, writer, director, artist, and editor, but his true passion is artist development. He spends countless hours working with artist to hone their craft and transform them into lasting brands. This penchant for artist development has earned him the moniker of “the down south Diddy.”


Archive Entertainment has been an Atlanta staple for almost twenty years. Early accomplishments include collaborating with Rocawear and Young Jeezy to launch the 8732 clothing line. Archive’s currently works with a broad range of diverse clients from their former protégé rapper Young Thug, to the comedic styling of Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson, and the big homie Mykko Montana amongst a host of others.

mykko montana-freddyo

Archive Entertainment cultivates talent and products that transcend time and outlive trends by leveraging industry resources acquired through their lasting relationships and verified business expertise. When I asked Bobby, what differentiates Archive Entertainment and has allowed them to maintain and grow the brand, he replied with

“We build artists from the ground up, and help them create a brand, not just an onstage persona. It definitely takes time to create a star, but more importantly, it takes a machine to maintain one. Our team, and our artist are family. We live by that. All family, no friends. No one person is bigger than the company you have so many moving parts that allow us access to so many resources covering everything from fashion, film, and music to marketing and strategic planning.”


Each individual plays a key role in making Archive, and our client’s longstanding successful brands. With the successful of a few major imprints, I don’t think our success, or at least our longevity and versatility has been or can be duplicated,” confirms Anwar.


Stay tuned for part 2 where we delve into the Archive Entertainment roster of artists and TIPS on successfully getting and staying in the business.

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