Cash Money Records founders Bryan “Birdman” Williams and Ronald “Slim” Williams are being sued over a sexual assault that took place in an Atlanta recording studio. Nicole Westmoreland says Cash Money is responsible for the attack she suffered at the hands of a man named Alfred Cleveland.

 According to, Westmoreland claims Birdman invited her to the studio one day to deliver a business presentation. Westmoreland says she went to use the bathroom while at the studio, at which time she was assaulted by Cleveland. Cleveland was allegedly an associate of Birdman and Slim’s, and is currently in prison for the attack. Westmoreland alleges that Cash Money eventually offered her 100-thousand dollars to remain quiet. She says they then threatened to kill her if she didn’t drop the case.
 Westmoreland says the incident has left her feeling suicidal, and has required her to seek treatment at a mental hospital. She’s seeking an unspecified amount for damages.

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