Hip Hop is responding to the NBA’s Lifetime Ban on ol massa Owner Donald Sterling of the LA Clippers. The homie Cassidy makes mention of the banned NBA owner in his “Move that Dope” remix and the big Chuck D suggest that a true punishment would be to make him do community work. The  big homie Killer Mike also suggest that the ban of Donald Sterling is not a victory for black people.

Check out the details below.

The homie Rapper Cassidy is taking aim at Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling over the racist comments that earned Sterling a lifetime ban from the NBA. The emcee targeted Sterling on his remix to “Move That Dope.” Check it out below:


In addition to the hot remix that involves not only a nice beat but social commentary; many in the Hip-Hop community have come out to share their thoughts about NBA Commissioner Adam Silver’s lifetime ban from NBA activities. Rick Ross turned over his own nickname to Silver, calling him a “Boss.” Ja Rule and Joe Budden also had kind words for the commissioner. But not everyone was satisfied with the ban. Using the hash-tag “Smarter Than A Ban,” Public Enemy rapper Chuck D suggested that instead of banning Sterling, he should be forced to build up L.A.’s Skid Row with “massive affordable housing on his dime.” Killer Mike went further, saying that the ban shouldn’t be considered a “win” for the African-American community.

What do you think?

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