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A.J. Bohannon, a Black Lives Matter activist who once watched his cousin mistakenly get gunned down by police in 2012, had gathered more than 1,000 other activists to march through the streets of Wichita, Kansas on Sunday afternoon. But that plan changed when he received a call from Wichita’s new police chief just days before the scheduled event. The new idea was to hold an event where police and protesters could effectively come together to ease the tensions that have risen in the wake of recent police shootings in America.


Let’s Put Our Monies Into Black Owned Businesses!


There are bigger and bigger changes being made each day in our society for the better even if that is not what is publicized. In Houston, it was just reported that Paul Wall called together a lot of rappers in H town to invest their monies in a black owned bank. These are the types of things that we need to be teaching our children so that the seed of our people may start to flourish again.

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Johnny Dang has been very active in getting people in the black community to become more aware of the richness in the black culture. He has been an alleyway in the community and has had full support behind this collective move as well.


Salute to all the black brothers who are supporting these kinds of things and promoting them trying to get everyone on the same page. Slowly but shortly better days will come but we must first all make conscious efforts to be honest and supportive of one another.


Tearing each other down has gone on for too many generations and I don’t see a better time than now to call for a serious change!


Happy Birthday Nelson Mandela!


Nelson Mandela.

He was and still is more than an iconic figure for so many hopeful and hopeless people in the world. Nelson was the light for African people who had no idea if they would ever see better days again including himself. He was active in making many social changes that are still in effect till this day in making the world a warmer place and today we honor the greatest of all time on his birthday!

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Nelson was influential during the time of apartheid in South Africa where many black people were being killed by their own people. The corruption was insane and the bloodshed was out of control at this time.


Hmmm, sound familiar…?


Yeah, exactly this is another example that proves beyond measure that we have not come so far as people love to portray. However, with that being said Nelson was a strong believer that knowledge and the power of love was a true conqueror over all.


There is a famous quote that I love by him that basically says if people can be manipulated to hate out of fear than people can be taught to love because loving is more of a natural human instinct than hate is.


Think about it!


Happy Birthday Legend!

Bloods and Crips Call It A Truce!


The rapper, The Game has been making moves lately in regards to the big headlines and issues we have in the black communities. He was recently at the LA Police Department with Snoop Dogg discussing possible solutions to make sure that everyone is doing their part in being just and fair. And guess what else he did just now?

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The Game brought the two biggest black gang bangers around the world to make peace, Bloods and Crips. I know for a fact that the game sees the bigger picture in all of this turmoil.



It will do us no good to march the streets yelling “BLACKLIVESMATTER” after tragedies happen with white and black people but disregard the reckless and careless actions we have toward one another in the black community.


We are only not a force to be reckoned with when we come together and realize that the war is with the ignorant and uneducated people filled with fear and hate. We can not keep killing one another and make it easy for the oppressor.

The only way to win is to think smarter together!


Officers Killed In Louisiana!


Today about a few hours ago there was another shooting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. There were 7 cops injured and 3 cops dead. Apparently, the cops were mixed in race I believe but that shouldn’t even be relevant however it is. We all know that there is a war going on, but it is not a new one at all.

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One of the shooters was caught and he again claimed he was doing it under the movement of black lives matter. Again, another ignorant person using that as an excuse for taking that anger and killing innocent people.


How does killing officers who are there and protect you help anything? It might make you feel good for the moment but at the end of the day that was someone’s father or mother that you just murdered for doing their job as they were hired to do genuinely and honestly.



We are so lost as a people and all I can do is pray every time I see news reports like these on my timeline. Think about all the black lives that have been taken by black lives! C’mon people wake up!!!!

We are so much better than this, so much better.

Alton Sterling Home Going


Today marks the first day that the family and friends of Alton Sterling have gathered to acknowledge his great life all together. The family is mourning and mourning over this unnecessary tragedy that happened with no mercy or care in the world of racist cops. I believe the cops when they say that I they are scared of African Americans because we can run the world and that loss of control is something very precious to them as its been for years. However, none of this justifies them killing us day by day.

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Now although these white on black crimes are disgusting beyond measure can we talk about the real issue or not?


Because I’m going to tell you right now that “black lives” never mattered the day we started killing ourselves ruthlessly. See, when we start to talk about what really needs to take places for us to be taken seriously as a people no one wants to say a word. I personally have a problem that.


If we can’t address and try to fix the real issue then shut up about racial discrimination when the discrimination in our own race is outrageous.


Nonetheless, our sincere prayers are with Alton’s family and for all the fallen to racial discrimination and discrimination, fear and hate period within our race.

DL Hugley On Fox Network!



Last night DL Hugley had th e chance to get on Fox News to talk about the recent deaths of African Americans at the hands of police officers. A lady named Megan who was supposed to be interviewing with him was clearly a rascist and it was clear she had little regard for black people herself.

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I must say that I am very happy about the strides we are taking as black people to put an end to racial tensions. There are many athletes such as Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James who have been calling attention to the African American issues as well.


However even with all these inspirational people coming forward it still is not enough. The marching is still not enough even the petitions still aren’t enough. But one thing that will be effective is the hault on cash flow going into these businesses we support that could care less about us.


You know that half of these white owned businesses have the biggest clientele from the black communities. With that being said if we are as serious as we say we must be able to participate with actions that require a sacrifice.


I am more than willing to do that, are you?



Three suspects are in police custody and one is dead after an attack on police during what was supposed to be a peaceful protest in downtown Dallas. Two shooters were snipers, who shot from “elevated positions” and another claimed that there were bombs planted downtown.