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Remembering Malcolm X

Today marks the 86th Birthday of slain civil rights leader El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, more widely known as Malcolm X. “By Any Means Necessary” was the model that he lived by, in which he taught us The public speaker and human rights activist was gunned down back in 1965 just before giving a speech in Harlem, in front of his family and a group of other muslim followers. So on this day we salute him and his legacy.

Gucci Mane Gets Out Of Jail In 45 Days

According to my homegirl Mz. Shyneka of Atlanta’s Hot 107.9, she has released statements that the homie Gucci Mane will be out of jail by the end of June. Which is 15 months earlier than we expected. Gucci, who’s real name is Radric Davis, appeared in a Fulton County jail Monday afternoon and in less than an hour, he got the best news of his life. READ MORE

Game Releasing “R.E.D. Album” August 23rd

West coast emcee Game has settled on a release date for his long-awaited “The R.E.D. Album.” The rap star sent out a tweet this week announcing that his next record will be arriving in stores on August 23rd. Game went on to say that fans don’t need to worry about the album being delayed again. He explains that he decided on an August release after a conference call with Interscope Records and music executive Jimmy Iovine. Game recently released the video for “The R.E.D. Album’s” first single, “Red Nation.” The clip for the Lil Wayne-assisted track has been banned by MTV and BET, but has already collected more than two-million views on YouTube. READ MORE

Celebrities In Outrage Over BET Nominations

Last night BET released the highly anticipated list for the 2011 BET Awards Show nominees. To our dismay myself and many other people with any since instantly were left with the WTF look on our face, when we heard the nominees for Best Female Hip Hop and Best R&B Album.
First off, for anyone that is into or knows GOOD music you would have automatically questioned the fact of why Monica, Keyshia Cole, and Tank.

Right after the nominee list was released a few of the ladies who didn’t make the cut went to twitter to express their feelings.

Trina snubbed for best Hip Hop artist:

Keyshia Cole snubbed for Best R&B Artist:

Spotted ConcreteLoop

Event though Tank got snubbed, he went to defend R Kelly saying he should have been in that line up: READ MORE

Cali Swag District’s “M-Bone” Shot Dead

One of the members of hit rap group Cali Swag District died last night, according to group member, C-Smoove. While details have not been revealed yet, C-Smoove took to his Twitter account where he posted a message eulogizing Cali Swag District’s M-Bone.

“Ma life changed drastically in the. Blink of an eye rip bone,”


People suffering from diabetes may face another medical problem. A newly released study says those who suffer from the blood sugar disease are also at higher risk for certain cancers. Researchers polled nearly 400-thousand adults in a phone survey. They discovered 16 out of every 100 diabetic men and 17 out of every 100 diabetic women said they’re also dealing with cancer. An earlier study released in April found diabetic women showing an eight-percent increased risk of developing cancers. Diabetic men had a nine-percent higher risk when prostate cancer was deleted from the data.

So there have been rumors floating around that the powerhouse couple Jay Z and Beyonce are experiencing trouble in paradise. Allegedly Jay Z and his stylist June Ambrose have been having an affair for years and as a result of it they conceived a daughter from it. June Ambrose has two children; a son name Chance (father Manager Marc Chamblin) and a daughter name Summer.


It’s no secret that in Wendy’s former days she was a drug addict, she often mentions it on her show about her past and how a shamed of it she was and glad to have recovered from it. Recently she was discussing the whole incident about Whitney Houston checking into rehab and while speaking on the issue she had a meltdown as she took a stroll down memory lane.

While speaking, Wendy reminisced about her drug past, which brought up some tears:

“Have you ever tried drugs?,” she asked her viewer-co-host. “Well I have. It’s been many years, I can laugh about it now, too. It’s the stupidest thing I ever did in my life, you know, but I am familiar with every form of cocaine including crack and that whole bit. And I have to tell you, when I saw this picture right here, show that other picture of Whitney. READ MORE