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Flavor Flav Gets Arrested In Las Vegas

Over the weekend the new found “Chicken King” connoisseur was sent to the slammer. After being pulled over in Las Vegas for a routine traffic violation the authorities pulled Flav’s files and noticed he had four outstanding warrants.

Officials claim that Flavor Flav aka William Jonathan Drayton, Jr. never settled his disputes with the court in 4 separate automobile-related matters from driving without proof of insurance, a parking violation and two cases of driving without a license. READ MORE

Uncle Luke Only Raises $250 For Mayor Campaign!


Recent reports online and on the radio claim that I raised “only” $250 during a fundraiser in support of my current bid for Mayor of Miami-Dade County. These reports are wrong, but not by a lot. My campaign is not rolling in dough. There are no lobbyists or special interest groups supporting me. My campaign runs on donations from everyday people of $5 dollars at a time. I never expected to raise $50,000 at a fundraiser. I raised close to two thousand dollars at the fundraiser in question, which can be checked with the Dade County Elections Bureau, but let’s say I “only” raised $250 on that day. That means fifty every day citizens believed enough in me to give me five dollars a piece, and I am okay with that. That makes me proud.

This is not the first time naysayers have shed negative light on the good I have done for the public. When I fought for freedom of speech, I made history. There were many who sat by the sidelines with their arms crossed, but guess what? I won that fight all the way up to the Supreme Court. READ MORE

Frankie Arrested: Man Down Situation


I gotta report some sad news on my homie, Frankie was arrested on Thursday for violating her probation and possessing drug-related material, reports TMZ.

Frankie Lons, who is know for her hit reality shows, Keyshia Cole: “The Way It Is”, “Frankie & Neffe” and “Celebrity Rehab”, was pulled over by police for a routine traffic violation when they noticed an outstanding warrant for her arrest, stemming from a probation violation. READ MORE


The other day Mama D aka Lil Scrappy’s mother went on the air and released vulgar statements about her sons ex-girldfriend Diamond when word surfaced she was dating Soulja Boy. Off of emotions she went straight to Atlanta’s Hot 107.9 and blatantly exposed to the world about her sons situation. The very next day she retracted all of her statements issuing out a humble apology to Diamond. She wanted Diamond to know she was just upset, she still considers Diamond to be like a daughter to her and loves her dearly.

Soulja Boy later went to twitter to let the world know that he and Diamond are and item by sending a picture of he and Diamond through twitter of them lying in the bed together after Diamond made him breakfast in bed. He also tweeted a comment stating:

“one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”

Mama D’s humble apology: READ MORE


TBS has ordered a third comedy from Tyler Perry, this one based on his ‘Why Did I Get Married?’ films. How long before the T in TBS stands for Tyler Perry?

The show, ‘For Better or For Worse,’ is set to star Michael Jai White and Tasha Smith as their movie characters Marcus and Angela. TBS has yet to announce the rest of the cast. So far, 10 episodes have been ordered.

‘House of Payne,’ which has been on for seven seasons, has been canceled. The show has been on since 2006.

Screen shot 2011-04-27 at 10.58.58 AM

“Tyler Perry’s series have been tremendously successful for TBS, helping establish the network as a prime destination for African-American viewers,” Michael Wright, executive vice president and head of programming for TBS, TNT and TCM,

said in a statement. READ MORE

Obama Releases His Birth Certificate


Barack Obama has moved to quash “birther” conspiracy theories alleging he was not born in the United States as the White House released his long-form birth certificate. Mr Obama said he was bemused over the conspiracy theories over his birthplace, and said that the obsession over the “sideshow” issues was a distraction in a “serious time”.

“We’re not going to solve our problems if we get distracted by carnival acts and sideshow barkers, We do not have time for this kind of silliness, we’ve got big stuff to do, I’ve got big stuff to do,

” he said.

Earlier, Jay Carney, the White House press secretary, said: READ MORE

Flavor Flav Takes His Name Off Iowa Chicken Shack


Finally after the drama filled rumors that involved Flavor Flav and his chicken shack regarding him not paying employees in Iowa, he is pulling the plugged on the Iowa franchise because he claims management was mishandling the restaurant. Not only was the business end being neglected he claims that the food was a constant issue.

Flav States: READ MORE

Woman Arrested For Biting Mans Penis {Video}


Lucinda V. Kinder, 32, of Coralville, has been arrested for domestic abuse assault without intent causing injury after police responded to an incident at her home.

Coralville Police responded to the scene for a 911 hangup, where they found that Kinder and the male victim had been arguing. Kinder allegedly punched the victim, scratched his left shoulder, and then bit his penis, police reports said. READ MORE