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A lawsuit is being filed against Sean “Diddy” Combs as of April 15,by a man who claims to have been beaten by Diddy’s bodyguards last October at the BET Hip-Hop Awards. The Alleged victim Jabari Tilgham has accused four of Puffy’s bodyguards of assaulting him at an after party at Club Mansion where Tilgham worked as a photographer. Despite their being 12 other photographers present at the party, Tilgham believes he was singled out. READ MORE

Gucci Mane’s Lawyer Say His Battery Charge is False


Last week we heard that the homie Gucci got locked up for allegedly pushing a prostitute out of his car for not taking his $150 sexual advance. Now the Atlanta rapper’s lawyer says accusations the musician pushed a woman out of his Hummer as he drove down a suburban Atlanta street are false.


Gucci’s Attorney Ashutosh Joshi said will be pleading NOT guilty to the heinous act and that Radic “Gucci” Delantic looks forward to fighting the charges in the court of law. DeKalb County prosecutors on Tuesday announced formal charges of battery, reckless conduct and disorderly conduct against Mane, also known as Radric Delantic Davis, 31. READ MORE


There is a lot of blogging about some comments actress LisaRaye made on her “The Real McCoy” reality show that just premiered in its second season.

In describing to a dating service what she wanted in a man she said she’s looking for a man that’s powerful because if he’s powerful that means he’s got money.

Commenting on a man’s penis size she also said,

“…if you’re too big that hurts … he’s thrusting in you, and you backin’ up! Just find my ‘G’ spot; let’s hit it; let’s make love.”

LisaRaye has to be concerned that some bloggers associate another comment she made –

“I think it’s easier for a man to eat sushi because y’all so used to eating p***y”

– with her having problems (alluding to a ‘fishy’ smell) with her own personal hygiene.

Wow! Now I don’t think anyone would argue that Lisa Raye is about as fine as they come – she’s drop-dead gorgeous! So in as much as she is supposedly on her so-called road to redemption, the only reason I can figure that she would make such comments is for ratings. She and the network surely had time to re-think how audiences would react to such remarks, and do some editing.

While I applaud LisaRaye for not apologizing for her beauty (“it’s a good thing I’m a pretty girl”), at times she comes across as a beautiful house but ain’t nobody home! Television’s unrelenting ratings war seems to be causing women to say and do things to perpetuate acceptance of ideals of beauty and behavior trumpeted by society that encourage women who don’t have half the looks of a Lisa Raye, to contort their body language and conversation, and make them even less attractive than they really are. Could it be that LisaRaye intends to use her beauty to take women viewers down their own path to a wholesome self-discovery? We’ll stay tuned for that from the “runaway diva.” READ MORE

Please Fill Up My FRIES! {Video}

So last night after a long day of working on videos and handling, I decided to take a trip to get some good old “homestyle cooking” Mc Donalds. (LOL) Yeah I had a craving for a large size fry. I pull up to the drive thru to request my order of Supersize fries and when I get them the container is half full. I politely asked the drive thru attendant to fill my fry and she looks at me as if I was inconveniencing her. WTF! Why would I pay extra money for the big fry and all you give me is MEDIUM quality? I as I left to head home I began to think about what just took place and and grew madder and madder because this wasn’t the first time that happened. So I did what I knew best I set up my camera and decided to vent to the world about Mc Donalds and their cheap ways.

Check Out the video and please let me know if you are feeling me, keep in mind this video transpired after a few rounds of Ciroc(LOL)… but nonetheless I meant every word I said.


Diahann Carroll, the gorgeous 75-year-old veteran actress who appeared in the first films starring black actresses, and Kerry Washington, the beautiful 34-year-old film and Broadway actress, are featured in the May 2011 issue of O Magazine called “Timeless Beauty.” In the article Diahann wears a L.K. Bennett dress and Kerry wears a CH Carolina Herrera dress. A word of advice, Diahann says, “The legs are the last to go! I bring attention to mine with skirts and midheel pumps.”

Here are some article highlights:

Diahann Carroll…

On Kerry
“Kerry reminds me a lot of myself at her age. She has a trained eye for detail and what suits her figure. And she has an innate self-confidence, a coolness about how lovely she is.”

On Fashion

“My fashion life exists mainly through work, so I dress to be event appropriate. I see clothes as a performance.”

On Stilettos

“I will suffer while I’m being photographed, then change into another pair of shoes.” READ MORE

Michael Vick Gives Chris Brown Sound Advice

Screen shot 2011-04-19 at 10.10.50 AM

Michale Vick recently sat down with the Wall Street Journal and told the paper that (his peer and singer) Brown needs to get focused.

“Just put your faith in God,” he said. “Don’t worry about what people say about you. Words will never hurt you. The things that people can say out of their mouth can cut you deep. And sometimes a tongue can be sharper than a knife.”


White Girl singing “Looking At Me Now”

She is killing it! She has taken it to another level. Hek, I still trying to figure out what Busta is saying in his verse. What do you think? Do you think she will be the next face in hip hop? Spotted on CourtneyLuv

HIV Positive Band Teacher Has Sex With Student {Video}

Screen shot 2011-04-16 at 2.39.56 PM

An HIV-positive band teacher in Augusta (Georgia) was arrested Wednesday afternoon on charges that he had sex with a boy, according to a media report. Travis McCauley, 32, was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor, aggravated child molestation and reckless conduct, the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office told the AJC.

A police report obtained by The Augusta Chronicle said the assistant band director of the CSRA All-Star Band had sex with the 15-year-old at his home three weeks ago, and, according to the Richmond Sheriff, again a week ago, the newspaper reported. READ MORE