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According to police, 62-year-old Lettie Robinson was reaching back for her purse on the bus when her arm got stuck in the door as it closed.

“I fell and she kept going,”

Robinson said. The victim’s ex-husband, Artis Robinson, said,

“It lets me know there’s a lot of cruel people in the world. People should be screened better when they work for the public.”

Robinson was dragged 63 feet before McMillian realized the woman was stuck inside the door. Witnesses said they saw Robinson being dragged and drove their vehicle in front of the MARTA bus to stop it.

“As people tried to notify her she was dragging a passenger, this person seemed like she had no regard. She just wanted to close the door and keep moving as quickly as possible,”


So my girl Eve decided to put her input towards the on going beef between Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj. Surprisingly the veteran came in on Nicki’s defense saying Kim needed to tone it down and leave the lil girl alone. Kim’s a veteran in the game and she doesn’t need to do all the extra mayhem to prove a point.

“I need her to stop. If I was Kim’s friend, I’d be like, yo. Because she’s Kim, period,” Eve said in an interview. “So she never has to feed. She shouldn’t. It’s bad. It’s not a good look. If I was her friend, I’d tell her, yo, just come back bigger and better. The best way to get at people is to do you better than you’ve ever done you. So that’s it…I love it. You know, it’s definitely READ MORE

Former Atlanta Falcons running back Warrick Dunn is saying that cops pulled him over and told him he had the characteristics of someone “transporting drugs and guns”. Dunn who had tinted windows on his car, insists that he was racially profiled, and feels “violated”. TMZ reports:

During the stop, Dunn — who is black — says 4 white officers targeted him with “a lot of personal questions” and told him “I had the characteristics of people transporting drugs & guns.”

Allen Iverson’s Wife Files For Divorce

A week after the Philadelphia 76ers’ Allen Iverson announced he was leaving basketball for the rest of the season to be with his sick 4-year-old daughter, the star’s wife filed for divorce in Fulton County Superior Court.

In the divorce petition filed on Tuesday, Tawanna Iverson said her 8 ½-year-long marriage to the guard was “irretrievably broken.” In the petition, Tawanna Iverson asked for temporary and permanent custody of their five children as well as child support and alimony. She did not ask for a specific dollar amount. The children range in ages from 17 months to 15 years.The children and their parents have lived in north Atlanta since August, according to the court filing. Before that, the family claimed homes in Rochester, Mich.; Englewood, Colo.; Denver, Colo.; and Villanova, Pa. READ MORE

Troubled rapper Torrence “Lil Boosie” Hatch continues to add more negative light to his present situation as the Baton Rouge native was charged by Louisiana police officials along with two fellow inmates for attempting to smuggle ingredients to make codeine syrup inside the Louisiana State Penitentiary as reported by CBS affiliate news channel WAFB 9 earlier today.

Check out video of the crime caught: READ MORE

The very unique, and sexy Amber Rose was recently granted the opportunity to grace the cove of Vibe magazine. Ms. Rose has become a hot commodity lately and has everyone talking about her every move. In the issue she speaks on every topic we want answers to from , life after Kanye West, what really happened with the homie Reggie Bush, her background, her stardom and more. Below is a little snippet of her in depth interview.


“What am I supposed to do? Crawl up in a corner and die ‘cause I’m not with Kanye anymore? Am I supposed to go back to the strip club and not take these opportunities that I have?”


“Me and Reggie [Bush] dated very briefly after Kanye…We were both each other’s rebound and we both knew that and were cool with that.”


Police in Toronto, Canada are searching for a man who scammed over $500,000 from a South African promoter, using Hip-Hop artists Drake and Nicki Minaj. Andrew Wilson is accused of portraying himself as a high roller in order to scam people, to support his lavish lifestyle. A private investigator in the United States honed in on Andrew Wilson as a suspect, while investigating phony concert in South Africa. READ MORE

Faith Evans Divorcing Her Husband of 14 Years

Her marriage has apparently been over for several years, but R&B singer Faith Evans has just now gotten around to pulling the plug. The 37-year-old filed for divorce from music executive Todd Russaw on May 17 in Los Angeles County, after almost 14 years of marriage.

Citing ‘irreconcilable differences’ in court papers, the soul music songstress also requested custody of the two children the couple have together, Joshua, 13, and Ryder who is four-years-old. Faith and Todd married in 1997, but according to the divorce petition, the couple separated in December of 2005. READ MORE