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Young Buck Could Face 10 Years In Jail


Former G-Unit member Young Buck faces some hefty consequences after being charged with possession of firearm.

As he was charged and convicted of stabbing a man at the Vibe Awards in 2004, the rapper was forbidden to carry a gun as part of his sentencing. As he has broken this term, he now faces 10 years in prison. However, it seems the judge on his case is looking into possibly giving him the go-ahead to travel to Canada this week for a previously-scheduled performance there, before he hands down a final verdict. Do yall they if it was me or you the judge would let us leave the country to go work?


Justice is being served FINALLY!!!

You guys remember back on Thanksgiving when the catastrophic news hit every media outlet about an 11 year old girl being gang raped in an abondoned mobile home in Cleveland , Texas. Today the young girl gets her justice. At least 18 men have been officially charged in the connection of the hidious hate crime. The suspects ages reange from 14 years of age to 27.  The cellular devices of the suspects were all taken into evidence after videos surfaced of the alleged incident hit schools. The 11 year old girl’s friend got whind of the sexual act and immediatley had it reported to the official on December 1st.


It is alleged that the victim was invited to join one of the suspects in a mobile home, before other men were invited in, including a relative of the man who owned the mobile home. The sixth-grade victim has since been withdrawn from school. She has apparently told investigators that up to 20 men were involved in the alleged rape. READ MORE


One of my friends emailed me this picture that has been causing drama all over the internet. All I could say was, “wow this has to be one of the craziest posting I have ever seen, and so so sad”…

Two South American teenage thugs(thats what they call Gay people in Africa) were executed for being homosexual. Before killing them they were allowed one last kiss before being shot in the back of the head. You can see the picture below… Not Say For Work (Click Here)

Please send this too others and tell them this is why we need to stop hate. Please tell me what you think? READ MORE


Jennifer Hudsonis the latest Celeb to be on the cover of American Way, the magazine of American Airlines. The article titled “Rising Up” chronicles Jennifer journey from a little girl singing in church with her Grandmother on Chicago’s south side, to her Oscar and Grammy winning stardom. Jennifer sits down to talk about her upcoming role in the movie biopic ‘Winnie’ and her highly anticipated sophomore album ‘I Remember Me’ which hits stores March 22nd.

Jennifer’s role as Winnie Mandela which partly inspired her dramatic weight loss is, according to Jennifer a serious role here’s more of what she had to say: READ MORE


Luther Campbell wants to be Miami-Dade County’s new mayor. He is no longer worried about making music to top the bill boards he wants to check off the concerns of the citizens by bringing the to the top the political agenda. The Miami New Times columnist and former 2 Live Crew frontman is looking ahead to the March 15 vote on recalling present Mayor Carlos Alvarez. In an extended column this week, he reveals his game plan for a campaign that should be a hell of a lot more fun than most. He lays out his motivation for running, why he thinks he can win, and his platform, which includes a tax on exotic dancers to help create childcare programs for single moms. So without further ado, here’s Luke! Read the interview after the heart beat. READ MORE