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Erykah Badu Deejaying @ Harlem Nights

The one and only ERYKAH BADU hosted a legendary special edition of EUPHORIA at HARLEM NIGHTS!

The FIRST LADY of NEO-SOUL rocked it… I didn’t even know she Dj’. She even mixed her own music in and mixed classics like “Tyrone”, “On & On”, “Bag Lady” & “Window Seat”. Shout to Harlem Nights every friday the club be crazy… Here are all the pic’s READ MORE

Rick Ross aka Mr. Rozay has added a Cazal logo on his face yes ladies and gentlemen on his face. The logo is tattooed under his left eye, Ross is reportedly a huge fan of the designer and owns a huge collection of frames by Cazal. Artist like Method Man and Jay-Z have also brought back this vintage look, which was popular in the 80’s and 90’s. This just adds to the collection of face tattoos Ross already has The Bawse and MMG logo tattooed on the left side of his face. I love their shades but I don’t think I love them enough to Tattoo the name any were on my body how about you?

My new homie Da B.R.A.T had one of the biggest underground mixtape parties I have ever seen. The event was hosted by Tequila Avion & MGD64 Lemonade. Brat brought out her sister the lovely Lisa Raye, and all her family as they took over XSUltra Lounge. The Brat and JD, are getting ready to release there new mixtape later this week.

I have to give it to Da Brat she made sure she spoke too, and gave every fan a hug… The upcoming project will be available “Memorial Day Weekend”. I want to give a extra Shot Out to Traxx Grils & Boys…

Here are all the pic’s READ MORE

Here we go again the official cast for the LA spinoff of VH1’s “Basketball Wives” has just been announced.

The show will be premiering Aug. 29, the new installment will follow actual “wives,” unlike much of the Miami-based original. The cast featuresStephen Jackson, wife of Los Angeles Laker Ron Artest; Jackie Christie, wife of Doug Christie, former player for the Los Angeles Clippers; and Imani Showalter, ex-fiancée of Charlotte Bobcats’ Stephen Jackson.

Also former Miami cast member Gloria Govan, fiancée of Laker Matt Barnes, will star in the LA series, alongside her sister Laura Govan.

Spotted @ EURweb / V-H1

For over 28 year Regis Philbin has greeted viewers every weekday morning, but with his final show only months away, the question still remains: Who will rise to the occasion and take over for TV’s veteran talker? READ MORE

The ex-wife of Shaquille O’Neal had an opportunity to purchase the NBA great’s alleged sex tape. Shaunie O’Neal tells that Robert Ross approached her once she had separated from Shaq and offered to sell her the tape. Shaunie says Ross told her the footage featured her then-husband having sex with other women. Shaunie never watched the video, so she can’t confirm if an actual sex tape exists. She adds that she turned down Ross’ offer because she “wanted nothing to do with it.” Ross, who was once friends with Shaq, has previously stated that the basketball star would have sex with women at his house, with much of the action being caught by his security cameras. Ross reportedly threatened to make the material public when Shaq cut him out of a business deal.

Ross has since claimed that he was kidnapped and attacked back in 2008 by seven gang members who were on the hunt for the alleged tape. READ MORE

Tone Loc Arrested For Domestic Violence

Here’s some news that I know you don’t need to know about but just telling you anyway… LOL Former rap star Tone Loc was reportedly arrested on domestic violence charges in Burbank, California. He allegedly got into a physical altercation with the mother of his child. Police tell that Loc, whose real name is Anthony Smith, was arrested at an apartment complex Saturday and was booked a few hours later. He was being held on 50-thousand-dollars bail. Loc is best known for his 1980s smash hit “Funky Cold Medina” and his remake of “Wild Thing.”

False Rumor: Nivea Was Not Drinking And Driving!

I have to say I was lost for words after finding out that my girl Nivea was arrested recently after crashing her car following the wedding reception of Toya Carter and MempHitz. Although the falls rumors said that she was intoxicated, Nivea is now speaking out via Twitter and saying it isn’t true.

Nivea posted on Twitter:

Thank You 2 all that were concerned, I’m doing fine! I NEVER said what ppl r saying I said to/about the cop by the way.

And one more thing, I WAS NOT DRINKING AND DRIVING, the accident was Not due to me being intoxicated. Just wanted to clear that.