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Tia Mowry gave birth to a baby boy Cree Hardrict back in June and has since been running fast on the track of motherhood. While many of us know Tia and her twin Tamara for their acting skills, the new mother is adding a new title to her resume: author. Tia tweeted to her fan base:

“Great News!!!!! I am now an author! I am writing a book! So excited about this new adventure! More news to follow!!! I am working with Penguin Group, 4 my first book, Oh, Baby!”. READ MORE

Say goodbye to the days of rappers having beef with each other. R&B artists have taken the spot. I’m sure all of you saw the beef between Chris Brown and Frank Ocean unravel on twitter. Well now it looks like there might be some beef between Frank Ocean and his label mate The Dream now. Frank has a new song out called “Dreamkilla”. The Dream tweeted:


Gucci Mane Released From Jail

Gucci Mane is once again a free man. Gucci was released from Fulton County Jail early last Friday morning. Reports that Gucci was due to be released began popping up at the beginning of the month. However, a few “procedural holdups” prevented the emcee from getting out. The rapper got a little bit of good news last Thursday when he found out the Georgia Department of Corrections was removing their hold on him, meaning he wouldn’t be transferred to a Georgia prison when he was released from jail. Gucci hit up the club with his boy Waka Flocka as party promoting CEO Korey Felder and his Hittsquad Empire hosted Gucci’s “Welcome Home” Event at Life Nightclub in Atlanta. With the recent release of his new mixtape Writings on the Wall 2, seems like Gucci Mane has a lot to celebrate. READ MORE

The Smith family (minus mama Jada Pinkett Smith and big brother Tre Smith) were seen having a family day out on the sandy beaches of Hawaii. It is hard to believe Will is 42, as he looks in almost as good of shape as he did in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. 10-year-old Willow Smith was also spotted on the beach hanging out with her dad Will Smith and older brother Jaden Smith.

Will was enjoying a well-earned break after he finished filming for the latest part of the Men In Black series this month. He had been in New York since February recording scenes for the franchise’s third movie along with fellow MIB veteran Tommy Lee Jones.

Movie insiders are expecting it to be a huge hit when it is released next year. And there was more good for fans Smith this month, as Transformers director Michael Bay said he wants to direct another entry to the Bad Boys series.

He said:

‘We talk about Bad Boys 3. It’s hard to get our schedules together but it’s great working with those guys.’

The film will team Will  up again with  Martin Lawrence as  Miami detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett.

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Young Jeezy re-makes “Above The Rim” for his new video “Ballin” Ft Lil Wayne. In the videos Jeezy and Wayne kinda had me lost, and the video is was like nothing I have seen all year. I love the song it makes me want to spend money I don’t have… LOL

Watch the video and tell me what you think. The video was filmed in Miami last month…

Pacman Jones Arrested Again

Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones was arrested early Sunday morning and charged with two misdemeanors after an incident at a downtown bar. Jone spoke with news media after he was released from jail Sunday and said he hadn’t been drinking before police arrested him and charged him with disorderly conduct while intoxicated and resisting arrest. Jones was escorted out of the bar after refusing to calm down and resisted arrest outside by pulling away as officers tried to place him in handcuffs.

“I was with my wife. It was her birthday. It don’t make sense,” Jones said in video posted on WCPO’s website. “There is no reason why I should have got locked up.” READ MORE

Bow Wow’s Baby Mama Is Pissed With Him!

While Bow Wow’s newest letter to his fans appears to be a very heartfelt one, his baby mama Joie Chavis is calling him out. In his letter he talks about his love for his newborn Shai Moss saying that “Sometimes i tear up cuz i just cant believe it brotha be emotional ”. However, video girl Joie Chavis is stating otherwise. According to her, Bow Wow was nowhere to be found when she was getting a C-Section to birth their daughter. In fact, he didn’t even show up until 6 days after their daughter’s birth. In retaliation, she left his name off of the birth certificate. Maybe this is the drama Bow Wow was talking about when he stated in his letter: READ MORE

It’s hard out here for everybody! With the NBA in a lockout, New Jersey Nets star Deron Williams has decided to play in Turkey during the lockout. While he has decided to come back to the NBA as soon as an agreement on a collective bargaining agreement is reached, Williams feels as though some other stars might just play basketball overseas long term.

What makes him feel like this? Collective bargaining agreements could leave superstar players like Kobe Bryant only making $11 million a year. With those kind of numbers, players could go over to Europe and make more money. If European teams could be sure to secure players like Lebron James, they’ll be more willing to cough up the dough. READ MORE