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Here’s another edition of the highly anticipated FreddyO “O’Scoop”. In this episode of the Vlog you will get the scoop on all of Osama’s mess, a reenactment of Mama D’s apology to the homie Diamond, crazy stripper scandals, and unfortunate news of a deaf boy being beaten because his sign language was mistaken as gang symbols. Get ready to fall to your feet with laughter as your boy FreddyO tells it like it is.

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Waka Flocka Free of Drug Charges

Today a grand jury in Henry County, wiped Waka’s drug charges clean due to insufficient evidence. At the beginning of the year, the Atlanta based rapper faced several possession charges, anti-gang law violations, and a probation violation and recieved a bond more than $31,000.


With the devastating pass of Michael Jackson last year the Jackson’s have definitely had to overcome a lot of turmoil. However in the midst of the drama and stories of lawsuits and paternity suits Janet Jackson put an end to one of the biggest scandals to arise from the family, which is Joe Jackson’s love child from one of his many affairs.

Joh’vonnie Jackson who was never accepted by the Jackson family and spent many years being ignored and scorned by those who were suppose to be her family because of the mistakes her father made.Joh’Vonnie who also goes by the name “Iron Rose” has previously lashed out at the family via internet and also threatened to write a tell all book blasting the Jackson family. READ MORE

Michelle Obama has made it her option to get America’s youth moving and on the path to a healthy fit lifestyle. She has since committed her time to showing young people that exercise and living healthy can be a fun and exciting. Early today the first lady made a stop at Deal Middle School in Washington D.C where she showed the preteens that exercising and moving can be as simple as taking a few minutes to crank the “Dougie.”

The first lady has a lot to dance about with the death of Osama Bin Laden one of the biggest terrorist threats to America confirmed to be deceased through the hard work of our U.S military and our commander in Chief. Hopefully we all get behind Michelle Obama and show our support by making healthy choices. She definitely knows how to move, YOU BETTER WURK IT GIRL!

People we finally get some close with the whole issue of what happened to what happened to Musiq SoulChild’s eye. He recently sat down with Power 105′s The Breakfast Club and spilled the beans.

“When I was mad young, my uncle was trying to feed me and I was mad rebellious, I wanted to feed myself and he was like nah, and he was trying take the fork away from me. So he was feeding me and I wouldn’t let go, so his hand slipped and jerked back into my eye. I was crying and my mom came in and asked ‘what’s going on?’ and I guess my uncle was in shock.

Serena William’s Stalker Arrested

There’s always some sort of questionable insanity of the people who dedicate their lives to following around their “favorite” celebrity.40 year-old Patenema Ouedraogo was added to the list of celebrity-stalker-crazies when he was arrested at 2 am this morning outside of tennis superstar, Serena Williams, Fla home. READ MORE

So it looks like Ice T is throwing a little shade to the homie Soulja Boy. Ice T was recently in an interview and mentioned that hip hop has really gone south, referring to Soulja Boy’s music and specifically his goal to produce a mini-movie remake of “Juice.”

“At some point somebody gotta stop it,”

Ice-T said.

We are not sure if he was referring to stopping Soulja Boy or stopping the beef between the two artists.

He then proceeded to comment on his feeling towards Soulja Boy doing the remake of the classic film “Juice”.

“If the masses accept it, it just shows you the state we’re in,”

He also shed light on the fact that the current hip hop artist have it to easy and don’t respect the craft of real Hip Hop. READ MORE

In case you guys didn’t know the homie RL, is preparing for a major comeback. R has been in the gym heavy getting everything tight and right for the ladies to enjoy. He has been specially requested to appear on many faces of magazine covers. Word got out that he is currently in the studio and working on the release of his R&B music mixtape entitled “The Return Of The Voice” set to hit the streets this summer.

Let ya boy FreddyO be the first to let you know RL and Lil Wayne have a crazy song they’re looking to get released soon so make sure you guys be on the lookout for that. READ MORE