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Hines Ward Caught Drunk Driving

I don’t know how hard Hines Ward partied, but it was hard enough to get dude carted off to a Dekalb County jail for DUI. The star wide receiver for the Pittsburg Steelers was released upon the post of $1000 bail. Ward is also the current champion of the hit show “Dancing With The Stars”. He has a lot of good things going for him right now. I hope this doesn’t result in a trip to rehab. I’m sure his publicist will be coming with more details on the situation soon though.

Rihanna’s Concert Stage Catches Fire

Last night Riri’s LOUD tour came to Dallas, Texas and was abruptly ended an hour into the show when sparks starting falling from the ceiling. Rihanna was performing her latest chart topper “California King Bed”. The good news is that no one was hurt and only a chair caught fire. Fans were evacuated as well. Although the show was cut short, fans still got to see Rihanna perform  the sexy “S&M”, “Disturbia”, “Only Girl (In The World)” and “Shut Up And Drive”.
Rihanna still showed her fans some love after the concert when she tweeted: READ MORE

Nene Leakes’ Son Bryson Caught Stealing!

While Nene and Greg are back in love, it appears that her son Bryson has had a little trouble with the law…AGAIN. NeNe I know is hurt right now after finding out that Bryson has resulted to stealing razors from Wal-Mart. The bad part is that the razors have been valued at $14. Dang not a good look at all! Times must be hard. Gwinnett County officials charged Bryson with shoplifting and a probation violation late last night.

Dude can’t seem to stay out of trouble being that he was just arrested last year for marijuana possession and I thought I had it bad. Bryson should have took his mom’s advice and gotten a job. People don’t think this is how NeNe is cause she and her family are very loving and work hard for everything they have …. Nene don’t hurt him!

In celebration of the 2011 Essence Music Festival, Keshia Walker of Insights Marketing and Promotions hosted the 12th Annual All White Affair at The Metropolitan at Generations Hall.

I see you … Look Tameka J Raymond and Teresa Caldwell(Bow Wow mom) having the time of there life … Boy O Boy The stoires yall will have tell… LOL

Look at Alonso trying to run game…. LOL  I see yalll????



Coined as the “ultimate” daytime party for the annual Essence Festival, this year’s All White Affair, proved to be the biggest White event yet, as over 1,300 people attended to party with co-hosts Actor Laz Alonso (Avatar, Breakout Kings, Southland, Just Wright), and rap legend Doug E. Fresh.

Celebrities in attendance included: Boris Kodjoe,  Isaiah Washington, Rookie Martez Wilson of the New Orleans Saints, Actress Demetria McKinney, Mega Movie & Television Producer Roger Bobb, NFL Players: Corey Bradford, Keyaron Fox, Fred Smoot & Charles Grant; Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas of the Atlanta Housewives & Tameka Raymond.

For more information about Keshia Walker and Insights Marketing and Promotions, please visit: You can also connect with Insights Marketing and Promotions online at Twitter: and Facebook: . READ MORE

Amber Rose Gets A Wiz Tattoo !!!

Amber Rose has added yet another tattoo to her ever growing collection. Rose has gotten Wiz Khalifa’s  name tattooed on her body. Although she is known for showing off some of her more voluptuous body parts, the tattoo is not on any of those. Instead, it is on her finger.

Amber got 3 letters that state CAM which is short for the rapper’s real name Cameron Jibril Thomaz.  Interestingly enough Wiz got AMB tatted on his hand back in May.  In my opinion, tattoo ink symbolizes forever. I don’t think that’s a good idea because of the industry that she’s in where most artists tend to only be together 2-3 years. READ MORE

Just so yall know Whitney Houston has ditched her toy Ray-J for R&B singer Tyrese Gibson or should I say that’s the false rumor!  They saying Tyrese and Whitney met at a pre-Grammy party that was hosted by Clive Davis on Valentine’s Day and it has been on since then. True to cougar standard, Whitney called Tyrese after the party and asked him out. Of course, Tyrese is denying all of this according to his tweets.

Tyrese Gibson doesn’t want to have any romantic connection with Whitney Houston and is now laughing off recent claims that he is secretly dating the Whitney, Tyrese stressed the word “Never” in a clarifying message on Twitter about dating her.

“Negative blogs, press, blurbs, people spreading negative things. Rumors. I rest WELL at night cause none of these things matter anymore..,” the 32-year-old first reacted. In another tweet, he posted a link to the dating story by Rumor Fix and wrote, “Man if ya’ll don’t GTFOH w this dumb s**t.. Hahahahahaahahaa… #NEVER… I repeat.. NEVER..!!” READ MORE

Another fan has died living the American Dream. Shannon Brown, a Texas Ranger fan, fell 20 feet onto hard concrete. Onlookers say that Brown lost his balance and fell over the outfield railing in an attempt to catch a foul ball from All Star outfielder Josh Hamilton. Nearby fan Ronnie Hargris tried to catch him but his efforts proved too slow as Brown fell head first. To make matters worse, Brown’s 8- year old son watched the whole ordeal and was then left in the stands as he was rushed out on a stretcher.

Within less than an hour, Brown was pronounced dead at a Fort Worth hospital.  Brown was a lieutenant for the Bronwood fire department and had been a fire fighter for 18 years. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened either. If you remember back in May, a 27 year old man died of the same death at a Colorado Rockies game. Josh Hamilton, as well as the rest of team, are very distraught over this accident.

Waka Flocka’s Quitting The Rap Game?

According to a recent interview with my girl Elle Duncan of the Ryan Cameron Show (V103-Atlanta), rapper Waka Flocka announced on his twitter page he’s leaving the rap game. Elle Duncan asked the rapper about his recent tweets where he stated that “this game is too fake” and that he is going to quit rap after this year.

Waka went on to confirm that those tweets were true and further emphasized on how “the game as a whole is fake”.

Waka is currently working on a new reality show with Gucci Mane and on tour. READ MORE