Shirley Temple Dead at 85

Brittany Williams Feb 11 14 1 Comment

shirley temple 3

This morning, Shirley Temple Black’s publicist informed the world that one of the most iconic child stars of Hollywood had passed away on Monday night. Shirley Temple began her career at the age of 3, bringing in unprecedented amounts of cash into box offices across the nation in the 1930s.

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Bob Whitfield Takes Over Superbowl Live Broadcast WAOK and Post Talk With Kordell Stewart on 11 alive News

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Screenshot 2014-02-03 02.56.35Bob Whitfield seems to be not only a former NFL Falcon and NY Giant; The current  ”master skills trainer”  for offensive linemen seems to have found his niche in broadcasting on radio and T.V. as well. “You know he went to Stanford.” Last night the former RHOA husband to Sheree Whitfield joined the WAOK family to host a live remote at TGIF and was later spotted on a primetime news channel chopping it up with former RHOA and NFL Kordell Stewart and Chris Draft on 11 alive Sports late night with Sam Crenshaw.

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George Zimmerman Agrees to Celebrity Boxing Match … Mike Tyson or Floyd Mayweather

Artistically Abstract Jan 31 14 2 Comments


Still want your revenge, well now’s your chance to kick George Zimmerman’s ass with zero legal repercussions. Zimmerman just agreed to a celebrity boxing match … and he says he’ll fight ANYONE … even black people.

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#FreeLilBoosie … Louisiana Rapper LiL Boosie Out In Two Weeks

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Over the past four years, #FreeLilBoosie was used over and over and over again. Well we are approaching the last days of this statement. Check out when his freedom date really is by clicking here!

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Toni Braxton’s Sister Tamar Braxton’s Sister’s Trina Braxton’s #Bar-Chix Bus Stranded 48hrs in Mississippi #ICESTORMS

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Screenshot 2014-01-29 21.16.00It was just last week when #FreddyO spotted Trina Braxton‘s #Bar-Chix Tour Bus with Bars Chicks and Bar Boys in tow sashaying down to Los Angeles drinking, bickering, laughing, playing spades and enjoying the Luxury fully loaded tour bus ride. Little did they know that after Tamar Braxton‘s post Grammy Party ended and they headed for home that tragedy would strike them in Forest, MS (Where???) That’s right in the middle of Nowhere!! in the Wallmart parking lot where they would find themselves for the next 48 hrs (only 6 hours from their home destination). WoW this has got to SUCK!  Read More »

[Update]: T.I. & Tiny Back Together.

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After taking time to think about it, the couple has decided NOT to part ways just yet. Shekinah just confirmed that unfortunately so many crazy rumors have been going out all over the internet. Shekinah’s [Tiny's best friend] would never want her best friend to go through foolishness.

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UPDATE: Is Justin Bieber’s Dad Responsible?

Artistically Abstract Jan 23 14 1 Comment


Jeremy Bieber – Justin Bieber‘s father — just might be completely responsible for his son’s DUI arrest, and had a pretty heavy hand in helping to tainting both Justin Bieber’s childhood and adolescent life.
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EXCLUSIVE: Justin Bieber Blames His Mom For Drugs

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Did Justin Bieber just snitch on his drug supplier?  WAIT, he told the police that one of his drug suppliers is HIS MOM!!!

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***BREAKING NEW*** SOULJA BOY ARRESTED!!! (Is that a gun?)

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Soulja Boy was arrested in L.A. early this morning … after cops say he was packin’ a LOADED GUN, according to TMZ.

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