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2011 List Of America’s Most Dangeous Cities #2 Atlanta


News and World Report’s just posted a list of “America’s Most Dangeous Cities.” I really don’t know what to think and have to say, “I am lost for words after finding out that Atlanta is 2# on the list”. Overall, the research indicates crime rates nationwide are down during a two decade period. According to the U.S. News and World Report article:

In 1991, there were 758 violent crimes per 100,000 Americans, compared to 2009’s figure of 429
Property crime has diminished similarly, and is down to 3,036 per 100,000 people from 5,140 in 1991
Total crime numbers have also decreased over that period, despite population increases
1.9 million violent crimes were reported in 1991, a figure that in 2009 stood at 1.3 million
Property crime has decreased even further, from 13.0 million incidents in 1991 to 9.3 million in 2009
An annual breakdown FBI crime data shows which cities in the U.S. have the highest overall incidence of crime, relative to the national rate. Each city is givn a Crime Risk Index to signify that relation. St. Louis, which tops the list of dangerous cities with a 530 CRI, has a crime rate 5.3 times the national average.

Below is a list of the cities ranked as the most dangerous: READ MORE

Rihanna Has Restraining Order on Chris Brown Eased


Last month Chris Brown requested that Rihanna’s restraining order against him be lifted, claiming it made things “difficult at award shows and such.” While the judge didn’t immediately grant the request, she did suggest a modification to the current restraining order that would go into effect with the approval of Rihanna’s attorney.

Now, reports that in a surprising move, the ‘S&M’ singer is allowing her restraining order against Chris to be softened. The restraining order was a result of the 2009 case against her former boyfriend for assaulting her.

The 22-year-old is reportedly requesting that the order be dropped to a level one. This would mean she and Chris could have contact as long as he doesn’t “harass or molest her”. READ MORE

Ja Rule To Be Sentenced To 2 Years On Gun Charges


Ja Rule will have to wait another month before he’s sentenced on weapons charges. The rapper was in a New York courtroom on Wednesday where, according to, he had his sentencing pushed back until March 9th. Ja Rule pleaded guilty last December to attempted criminal possession of a weapon. He is expected to receive two years behind bars for the crime. Ja’s legal troubles stem from his arrest in 2007 following a concert at New York’s Beacon Theater. Police conducted a search of the emcee’s vehicle and found a semi-automatic handgun inside the car.
Fellow rap star Lil Wayne was also arrested on weapons charges following the concert, and wound up spending eight months in Rikers Island last year.


I know LaLa is extra happy right now The Carmelo Anthony NBA trade rumors continue to develop, as now there are rumors Anthony may be joining Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers. This comes after previous discussion that Melo would be suiting up for the Nets or Knicks. READ MORE

Brandy made her way back to the tattoo parlor in an attempt to get the elephant trunk on her wrist less “penis-like.”


The tattoo artist says when Brandy first posted the picture of her latest ink,that it wasn’t finished yet. Celebs have a habit of permanently inking their bodies with “special” artwork that the public just doesn’t understand.

His comment:
The artist, Peter Koskela, tells us, “I wanted to fix the offending tip … remove the whole phallic aspect. I told her I’d just swing it upwards.”


“The Game” Star Tia Mowry Is Having A Boy


“The Game” star Tia Mowry and her husband Cory Hardrict just announced they are expecting a boy. The 32-year-old The Game actress and her 31-year-old actor hubby will document their impending parenthood in a new series for the Style Network set to premiere later this year.

“It feels great!” Cory told of being a dad-to-be. “Tia and I are very excited to be bringing life into this world. Just thinking about my child coming here brings a tear to my eyes and I will try to be the best father in the universe!”

Just so yall know alittle about Cory he stars in the upcoming action flick Battle: Los Angeles, due out in theaters on March 11. You may also recognize him from roles in He’s Just Not That Into You and Gran Torino!


Shad Moss AKA Bow Wow who is 23 years old is rumored to be expecting his first child with his on again off again video model friend Miss Joie. Joie confirmed the news of her pregnancy on her Twitter page yesterday saying,

“Thank you everyone for your kind love & blessings. I’m beyond anxious & excited to be a mommy.”

After reaching out to Bow Wow‘s people they laughed and said: READ MORE

Toni Braxton Atlanta Home Facing Foreclosure


Can someone please give Toni Braxton a break. Her finances have had her in trouble for a long time now and it don’t seem to be getting any better. The R&B singer is now facing foreclosure on her Georgia home.

Court papers show that she is now no longer protected from the very lenders she was attempting to hide from when she filed Chapter 7 in September.

Since the lifting of the shield, US Bank is back on her tail and says she owes the bank the full $1.5 million on the mortgage.  The bank argued the singer has no equity on the house and that she doesn’t even own the property, a trust does.

Toni, 43, will debut in Braxton Family Values, READ MORE