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Polow Da Don and Mary J. Blige… oops I mean Keri Hilson were spotted at BMI’s intimate, invitation-only mixer, held to honor the Grammy Award-winning producer for his musical and humanitarian accomplishments.

Keri Hilson Polow Da Don 2

Keri Hilson Makes a toast to super producer Powlow Da Don.

Keri Hilson Drink


Bow Wow And Angela Simmons Back Together

Bulls Nets Basketball

Last night Bow Wow and Angela were spotted in New Jersey at the Nets game. There have been many questions to whether they are back together or not. I can’t really tell by the pictures. It just looks like to friends hanging. My guess is they probably are just taking things slow, so we probably won’t see any of them cuddling up against each other for some time.


Chris Brown was also in town on promotion for his upcoming album F.A.M.E. set to release March 22, 2011.


Must be nice to link up with A List celebs at any given moment like its nothing. #thegoodlife

What Is Going On? Mother Adds Gin To Baby Formula


What is really going on with these new mother today every time I turn on the TV some newly mother wilds out her child. Who adds Gin to baby formula as a substitute for WATER? WTF

This is what the lady told officials:

“When she prepared her child’s bottle that morning, she mistakenly used gin instead of water to mix the powdered formula. She went back to sleep after giving her child the bottle, and it was only when she woke up and checked the water bottle again that she realized her mistake. Poole said she had friends over the day before who had brought some gin. Poole claimed the gin was in the same type of bottle she used to keep water for her child’s formula.”


Chad Ochocinco has said before that he will play soccer in Europe if the NFL experiences a work stoppage following the 2010 NFL season. Today, the Bengals receiver doubled down, tweeting that “this isnt a joke either, i am sad that it might come to this but excited to play futbol in SPAIN until we resume NFL play.”


Tonight the city of Atlanta had the honor and privilege to hang out with the beautiful and always graceful Jennifer Hudson. partnered with Jennifer’s record label J Records, to showcase an exclusive private concert for J-Huds loyal fans. The event was held at the prestigious W Hotel in Mid-Town and sponsored by the always needed Georgia Lottery.


I’m still on a high from the amazing talent she graced us with. Everybody knows that once J-Hud hits her signature notes the crowd is going to go crazy, and that’s exactly what we did. Hitting us with her greatest hits and more. There to host the event and to keep the party entertained before Jennifer’s arrival were Atlanta’s #1 radio personalities on the planet, Wanda Smith and Ryan Cameron.


This is my first time seeing Jennifer since the dramatic weight loss and I just have to say. You looked absolutely AMAZING! We also got a chance to see J-Hud’s lovely family, yes she brought her fiance David and their beautiful 2 year old son Daniel who already is said to have an ear for music. The crowd was in aw when little daniel decided to put his dance moves to the the test when mommy was singing. So it looks like little Daniel is gonna be an all around entertainer in the years to come 🙂


Things are definitely on the up and up with my girl J-Hud, she has a beautiful healthy baby boy, preparing for a wedding, physically in the best shape and health of her life and has a new album in the making. Here’s video of J-Huds Little obi dancing like he know what he doing…. LOL so funny 🙂

Make sure you guys lookout for the release of Jennifer’s second studio album entitled “I Remember Me” set to hit stores March 22, 2011. Mark your calendars guys! Here are all the pic’s READ MORE

Damon Wayans Get’s New TV Show


Damon Wayans has just been locked down to star in CBS’ untitled sports radio show pilot. The show’s a half-hour multicamera comedy, inspired by ESPN personality Colin Cowherd and his work on sports talk radio.

Damon will be playing the the Colin-centric role, which is being described as “an egotistical sports radio host with a quick wit and cocky likability who is adored by his fans. “

Sounds boring…. He need to go back to his “In Living Color” day’s remember?


Do You Notice The Difference In Fergie!

Screen shot 2011-03-18 at 6.43.51 AM

The night’s biggest question on the “American Idol” Top 12 results show? Was that really Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas?
Social media was buzzing on Facebook and Twitter more about Fergie’s new look, or should we say, enhancements, rather than the results. The singer was almost unrecognizable in her Marilyn Monroe-esque white dress and lipstick kind of way. I’m not sure I like the new look. She is definitely starting to look like one of the Jacksons. Maybe Latoya or Michael you choose! LOL

I believe her to be perfectly fine just the pre-plastic reconstruction. But hey that’s Hollywood for ya!

What Is Going On? Man Charged 1st Degree Rape


A man has been charged with rape and kidnapping after deputies say a woman stopped to help a stranded motorist along the highway. The abduction happened not far from where Jimmy Sumner works. “I would hope that in that situation that stopping to help someone or having someone stop to help you-wouldn’t come out that way-but the way things can get today you never know.”

Bobby Ray Grady of Dudley is charged with first degree rape and first degree kidnapping. Wayne County deputies say early Monday morning the victim was driving home from work when she came upon a disabled car with its 4-way flashers on at Highway 111 and Bill Lane Boulevard.