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Parade Lockdown In Los Angeles?

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As if the massive shooting in Orlando Florida, and the recent killing of the young singer Christina Grimmie was not enough the world gets more violent. Apparently, around 2 pm today cops have arrested a 20 year old guy who was walking around the parade today in West Hollywood very suspiciously today. James Howell from Indiana, was arrested with the possession of explosives and many assault rifles.

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There must have been an ongoing investigation on this man because another man was arrested Sunday night after giving up the whereabouts of this James today. The authorities say that they do not think that any of these attacks are related, however it is ironic the time frame of all of them.

We are very grateful that James did not get a chance to blow up whatever he was planning on because that is just too much.

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Weapons are out of control in this country. Until people realize that just attacking one race of people for any distinct reason is also an attack on themselves we will not resolve the issue.

The gun laws again need to coincide with the beliefs that we supposedly have as such a diverse, and equal nation.

Pray For The World!

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Here. We. Go. Again.

I know  that everyone has heard about the mass shooting that just happened in Orlando, Florida around 2:00am this morning. The shooting was carried out by 29 year old Omar Mateen, and is being categorized as a domestic terrorist attack by authorities. The authorities also report that 50 people are dead and 53 people are injured from that shooting alone. What is happening in the world?

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I will go back to my main point when I said that gun control and explosives control is OUT of control. Someone can get a gun as easily as buying an ice cream cone these days and many people see nothing wrong with it but then pretend to have so much concern when unfortunate events like this occur. President Barack Obama knows this but when he tried to do something about gun control, guess what party had an issue?Republicans, yes, the conservatives in congress would not budge. Why? Because they are scared of change, like the rest of the world still living in the 1950’s and 60’s.

It’s also funny (sarcastically) how Omar is automatically considered a terrorist because of his ethnicity which is Muslim. I am not justifying anything that this crazy man did obviously but I am saying that if he was white the assumption would be that he had a mental opposed to being a thug or terrorist as if that label makes him less of a threat because it is something he couldn’t control. Can we say: “Constantly playing the victim!”.

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Anyways,the man was killed by authorities and later pictures were found on his social media of him with in NYPD apparel, disturbing? surprising? or all the above?

Yup, the answer is definitely all the above!

We need to keep praying for this world because this hate is detrimental. Love is stronger than hate and we need to be the ones to put that into action.

Pray for Orlando, of course, but also for the world while making sure you are doing everything that you can for the good of humanity as an individual on this earth.

Devilish acts, thoughts could be happening right now as we breathe but so are positive and pleasant ones.

Which one are you?

‘Voice’ Star Shot & Killed!



The runner up for ‘The Voice‘, Christina Grimmie was gunned down last night at her concert in Orlando, Florida. The man apparently came up to her while she was signing autographs and taking pictures and opened fire. Her brother was standing near by and was her hero by attempting to stop the man. This is so unfortunate and all our thoughts and prayers are with her family.

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It’s true when they say that you don’t know when your time is and that life is short I have no doubt about that. However, with this serious gun control situation that is not under control at all, people’s lives are being taken very prematurely. I’m not sure if Christina knew this man but it seems as though he knows her personally unless he had a mental illness.


I say this because it is too random for some one to just shoot her with out having a true motive. He shouldn’t have been able to get that close but the bottom bottom line is that the access to guns in this country should not be as easily accessible as it is, at all.





Say His Name…

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Dayshen McKenzie, another young African-American boy dead because of the hatred in this world. This young boy was running for his life from a racist mob of predominantly white males, with one hispanic who threatened him with a gun. His cause of death was an asthma attack which occurred while he was running for his life. He was attacked with racial slurs as well and apparently this was all over a fall out with some, girl?

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The car that was driven had Pennsylvania tags and all these boys are in their teens. I am honestly speechless. There is just one story after the next about African-Americans dying and racism continuing to be demonstrated.

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I can only imagine what the mother of this young boy is going through. The fact that I’m not even surprised that things like this are still occurring is sad. I shouldn’t be afraid to go on a road trip anywhere in this world because I’m afraid of being racially profiled or caught by rednecks, hill billy’s, or members of the KKK.



I don’t see what joy is brought out of hating so much and for no reason at that.

It’s crazy and at the end of the day, if we are willing killing one race of people we are in turn killing the entire human race. It is just that simple.

When will that sink in?


I AM The Greatest.


It breaks my heart to report, that after the legend Muhammad Ali was rushed to the hospital and placed on life support that he has left this earth on today. Muhammad Ali, again another legend, was sick and knew that his time was near just recently. People all over the world who have continuously been inspired by him have paid their respects, including our incredible president, Barack Obama.

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It is honestly people like Muhammad Ali who have paved the way for so many great artist in the world. I personally do not like boxing but I don’t and didn’t have to like his craft in order to be inspired by the way he went after it. The art of perfecting your craft is a real and necessary thing and only those with the discipline and willpower to make a difference in this world will be considered the Greatest. Of. All. Time.


Even though Ali has left this earth as many other great legends have, this doesn’t mean that any of the love, encouragement, or art that he put in the world has to go in vain. This is why legends are on this earth for a specific amount of time in the first place. Not so that we may live forever but so that we create or are involved with something that does!


Thank you Muhammad Ali for everything and you can rest assured knowing that I myself and any other artist striving to be the one of the greatest will not let your legacy go in vain!



Today in Cincinnati a very unfortunate event occurred which showed the stupidity of humans and the privilege that we think we have as humans. Today at the Cincinnati Zoo a 4-year old boy, who was not attended by his mother, fell into the gorilla’s enclosure. The staff apparently was “forced” to shoot the animal because of the close proximity of the animal and the child, I suppose? I’m not sure but this was heart breaking.



It’s about that time to start making your election sure. On a Sunday afternoon stroll with my family, we had the opportunity to cross paths with St. Johns County Commissioner Bill McClure of St. Augustine at Jacksonville, Beach in Jacksonville, Florida. Greeting my family with warm smiles and gracious hugs, Bill McClure and his wife passed out literature encouraging our community to vote for him as US Congress District 4 for the early voting starting on August 30, 2016.   READ MORE

Howard University Commencement!


Good morning to all, I hope everyone has been up and anxious anticipating graduation ceremonies all over the world. Well, today is a very special and memorable day for the student body and graduates of class of 2016 at Howard University. Barack Obama and Cicely Tyson have just arrived at the Howard University Commencement this morning, what a pleasant surprise, right?

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91 year old, Cicely Tyson spoke last night at a dinner for the upcoming graduates and she was greatly honored. She is also receiving an honorary award from Howard University today, that is beautiful! Barack Obama has definitely been making many appearances at different historical places before he leaves the White House. The speaking at the commencement is happening right now and the #BisonPride and joy of the real #HU is very much evident.


Videos are going viral all over the internet from celebrities that are alumni of colleges all over. Yandy Smith, showed her appreciation of her school, Howard University, of course letting her fans know that she’s a proud Bison and her children will be attending when that time comes. Barack Obama couldn’t be more proud to shed his wisdom to the beautiful and successful graduating class of 2016!



Congratulations to all the graduates, your hard work always pays off!