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Los Angeles Lakers rookie guard D’Angelo Russell is under a whirlwind of heat coming from his teammate Nick Young. D’Angelo secretly recorded a private  conversation that he and Nick had about having relations with a younger girl and about if he had reality star Amber Rose before.



Lil Mama was arrested in NYC for driving without a license. I really think tax payer dollars could be used on more important things like finding real crimes but alas a law is a law I suppose.

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Comedian Katt Williams has had a rough couple of weeks. Over the weekend he was performing at Beanie Sigel’s show and had a run in with an unidentified man and ended up getting KNOCKED THE __________ OUT. What is really going on with Katt Williams?

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The trial of O.J. Simpson for the double murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman captivated the world’s attention. The verdict then shook the world as O.J. Simpson was found not guilty. Now the murder weapon may have been and at Simpson’s former home. READ MORE

Suge Knight is SICK and Out of Jail!


Word on the street is that Suge Knight is sick and in the hospital dealing with stomach pains. This must be serious because the JAIL have an infirmary.

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PHOTOS: Stevie J Involved in Brawl During CIAA


Y’all watch reality tv but my life is a reality tv show, over the weekend I found myself in the midst of a brawl during the CIAA weekend. We were trying to leave the club and had a moment that left me wondering,

“Why can’t we all just get along?”

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BREAKING NEWS: Big Freedia Arrested for FRAUD!


New Orleans super star Big Freedia is finding himself/herself behind bars for lying to the government about his/her income to get federal money. Y’all going to learn not to mess with UNCLE SAM. He aint giving away nothing!

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More news is coming out about the Katt Williams assault on the clerk at a pool supply store in Gainesville, Georgia. According to Katt Williams the clerk called him the “N” word.

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