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More money more problems seems to be the case for Jamal Woolard the actor who brought Notorious B.I.G. to life on the big screen got busted for allegedly abusing his wife over the weekend.

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chris-brown-trialJust when we thought the homie Chris Brown was in the clear it looks like he could be heading to court for an upcoming trial. More problems, more problems, more problems for Chris Brown.

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The big homie Mike Epps is in big trouble after an alleged assault at a local comedy club.

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The lil homie Justin Bieber issued a public apology for using the n-word in a joke when he was 15 years old. READ MORE


The shaky relationship between Terrence Howard and Ex-Wife, Michelle Ghent has gotten more explosive! She is requesting $325k in past due spousal support. According, to Madam Noire Michelle and Terrence tried to work on their relationship, but it turned into a physical altercation last year,cross seas in Costa Rica, which resulted in a protective order set out against Terrence.

Chris Brown Files Countersuit Against Man!


The homie Chris Brown is exercising his legal right and is now counter-suing the man who sued him after an alleged scuffle at a Los Angeles gym for extortion.

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Gucci Mane Pleads Guilty To Gun Possession

The homie Gucci Mane is going to be spending some hard time in jail over his federal gun possession case.

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Chris Brown Appears in Court Today!

Chris Brown Tatoo

The big homie Chris Brown will appear in court today to learn of what his punishment will be for hi probation violation.

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