UPDATE: Is Justin Bieber’s Dad Responsible?

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Jeremy Bieber – Justin Bieber‘s father — just might be completely responsible for his son’s DUI arrest, and had a pretty heavy hand in helping to tainting both Justin Bieber’s childhood and adolescent life.
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MUG SHOT: Justin Bieber Arrested For DUI, Resisting Arrest and Drag Racing

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The little homie Justin Bieber was charged with drunken driving, resisting arrest and driving without a valid license after being spotted drag racing Thursday morning in Miami Beach. Justin Bieber is wilding out! That young man is in a hep of trouble.
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Rapper Young Jeezy Arrested AGAIN!!!

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The big homie Young Jeezy was arrested again for basically saying F da police! Less than three weeks after Young Jeezy turned himself in after allegedly beating up and threatening to kill his teenage son, the rapper has been arrested AGAIN. What’s up with the police coming to your house disrespecting you and then arresting your for obstruction? It’s all so trifling and confusing!

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***BREAKING NEW*** SOULJA BOY ARRESTED!!! (Is that a gun?)

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Soulja Boy was arrested in L.A. early this morning … after cops say he was packin’ a LOADED GUN, according to TMZ.

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Kanye West Alleged Victim Wants to Settle Out of Court

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More money; More PROBLEMS Kanye West is being approached by the guy he dropped kicked last week for dollars to make the criminal prosecution go away. I tell you they love to keep a brother down. That dude trying to come up off the big homie Yeezy.

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Chris Brown Released From Rehab For Charity Toy Drive

That Retail Chick Dec 20 13 0 Comments

Chris Brown TatooLooks like Chris Brown will be checking out of rehab for at least a day.  The singer has been granted permission to leave his lock down rehab center in California for a few hours this Sunday (22Dec13) to co-host a charity toy drive. Read More »

Chris Brown Out Of Rehab : Brown Launches Backpack Collection

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Chris Brown FreeWe found out great news, one of the biggest names in R&B and Pop superstar Chris Brown 24, is out of rehab and he is joining forces with Sprayground backpacks for a new collection of bags called”Invasion Capsule Collection” .  Get all the details about Chris Brown’s release from rehab and his new bags inside!!! Read More »

MLB Investigating Jay Z For Robinson Cano Gift

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Jay CanoThe Major League Baseball Players Association is looking into whether Jay Z broke the rules by giving New York Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano a lavish birthday present.  You won’t believe what it was!!!  Get the deets below! Read More »

Chief Keef Sentenced To Rehab After Failed Drug Test

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chi-chief-keef-booking-mug-shotChief Keef is heading to rehab.  According to the “Chicago Tribune,” the embattled rapper was sentenced to 90-days in a drug treatment facility on Wednesday after two separate drug tests came back positive!!  Get the details inside. Read More »