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Sad News : Bow Wow Wanted Over Civil Lawsuit

 Bow Wow’s failure to comply in an ongoing civil suit has him wanted by police in Georgia. According to TMZ.com, a judge granted a motion back in October ordering the rap star to be arrested and held until he produces the required documents in his legal battle with a tour bus company. READ MORE

“Star Trek’s” Avery Brooks Busted For DUI

I bet he wishes he was light years away now …  Wilton Police in Connecticut says the “Star Trek” actor Avery Brooks was drunk as hell behind the wheel Monday night.


According to E! News,Brooks 63-year-old was arrested for DUI.


Police responded after receiving a complaint of a person driving erratically on the road.


Brooks was taken into custody but was released after being booked.  He’s due to appear in court on February 9th.


Avery Brooks is best known for his role on “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.”  He also starred on the series “Spencer: For Hire.”

 Music legend and idol Etta James was remembered by family, friends, and fans at a beautiful funeral service held at Greater Bethany Community Church City of Refuge in Gardena, Calif on Saturday.

Among the celebrity guests who came to pay homage were the Rev. Al Sharpton, who eulogized the singer, Stevie Wonder, who performed with a church choir, and Christina Aguilera.
“Out of all the singers that I’ve ever heard, she was the one that cut right to my soul and spoke to me,” Aguilera said.

 During the eulogy, Sharpton praised James for being the woman she was, beating a path for other singers and pushing through racial barriers through her music.
“She was able to get us on the same rhythms and humming the same ballads and understanding each other’s melodies way before we could even use the same hotels,” Sharpton proclaimed. He also applauded the Grammy-winner for overcoming poverty and drug addiction.

“At last, you can find peace now,” Sharpton concluded in his eulogy. “At last, you can get the gratitude of the savior now. Etta, you made it, you’re going home. At last! At last! At last!”

 P.S. Everyone is on the internet talking about Christina and what she says was tanning lotion but everyone else say’s something different as it ran down the 31-year-old’s leg. Here’s the video and all the photos… READ MORE

A troubled serial dating Kim Kardashian broke down in tears on a season Finale of “Kim and Kourtney takes New York” admitted she feels bad about her failed marriage, wasting everybody’s time and money after reminiscing back on her $10 Million Dollar wedding. Well, I know she is in Tyler Perry’s new movie but if this is how she is practicing getting that Oscar then she may need a few more acting classes. I loved the way she tried to cry pretty so as not to smear her mascara. NOT BELIEVABLE KIM! You were right about you SUCK though. Keep your chin up! Well maybe you need to keep your chin down more. Isn’t that how you became famous in the first place? Chin down, pictures up! Roll em! You can always go back to the basics love! Take a look at these fake tears! READ MORE

We are told that DFCS the “Department of Family and Children Services” YALL KNOW WHAT IT STAND FOR. Well they suggested that Halle’s Ex Gabriel Aubry go to Anger Management classes and he agreed. He really loves this little girl of his and that is apparent but him Pushing Folks and Yelling at Halle Berry all the time is just NOT working out. Looks like Halle met her match! She decided to play in the snow probably thinking she would avoid the ANGRY BLACK MAN retaliation from her own screaming and acting a fool & demanding ways with folks as she did Allegedly with past boyfriends Christopher Williams, Wesley Snipes, and former husband David Justice. Seems Halle is getting a taste of her own medicine “FROM THE SNOW”. LOL!

Aretha Franklin calls off wedding?

Aretha Franklin won’t be getting fitted for that Vera Wang wedding gown after all. CourtneyLuv.com reported that Aretha called off her engagement to her longtime boyfriend. A statement released Monday by her representative said Franklin’s wedding to Willie Wilkerson wasn’t going to happen. I am a little confused. Aretha weren’t you all friends before dating? Just to think I was thinking about being the photographer at her wedding! LOL. Franklin said Wilkerson was the one for her and that the relationship was particularly strong because they had been friends first. “We’re very compatible, and he supports me and I support him a lot, and he has given me specialized attention that I don’t think I’ve received from anyone else,” she said. Come on ReRe get it together. He gave you R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

Oprah Winfrey is on a trip to South Asian, India, where her bodyguards got into a scuffle with local photographers.

According to sources, Oprah was visiting a center where there were child widows abandoned by their family. During her time there, local photographers tried to get inside to take her shot when they got into trouble with her bodyguards.

Winfrey is 57 year’s old and looking great.  She is in the middle of a week-long trip to India filming for Oprah’s Next Chapter, a program on her OWN channel.
Source added that one cameraman was manhandled by Oprah’s security guards as he climbed up to a wall to film the media mogul. In response, the journalists threw stones. Police arrived on spot but they held Oprah’s bodyguards until they wrote an apology letter to the journalists for their behavior.
Pastor Joel Osteen discussing Sin, Gays, and the Path to God..

OWN got their highest ratings ever thanks to Pastor Joel Osteen, here’s him  discussing Sin, Gays, and the Path to God.

Oprah Winfrey Network scored its highest ratings ever with the second episode of “Oprah’s Next Chapter” on Sunday’s,  (9-10 p.m. ET/PT).

The episode, featured “America’s Pastor” Joel Osteen at his home in Houston, Texas, garnered 1.6 million total viewers and a 1.3 rating in the key women 25-54 demo, ranking #3 in its time period among ad-supported cable networks. Here are some more pic’s from her trip.

Spotted @ Rhymes with Snitch.

Lin Loh 2Ne-Yo recently spoke out about Lindsay Lohan and her decision to sue him over his lyrics on “Give Me Everything” saying it shocked him. He told BET that he did not know anything about the song. It shocked him especially because there was nothing negative about Linday in the lyrics.

Ne-Yo says it was Pitbull who rapped the lyrics and rapped it that way. Lohan is also sueing Pitbull. The song was written by Ne-Yo and Afrojack, heres the vers she’s pissed about:

“Hustlers move aside, so I’m tiptoein’, to keep flowin’ I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan.” READ MORE