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Keyshia Cole’s Alleged Stalker Faces More Jail Time


The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports, at today’s hearing, Keyshia Cole’s stalker, Torey Webster, is expected to plead guilty of stalking and other charges.  Webster has been allegedly charged with aggravated stalking and other offenses and will appear before Senior Judge Stephanie Manis in Fulton County Superior court.


Chad Johnson Charged With Battery And Pleads NOT GUILTY


Yesterday, Chad Johnson, was officially charged with misdemeanor battery. This was after he allegedly headbutting his wife or soon to bed ex-wife, Evelyn Lozada. The argument had steamed from reciepts found of condoms purchased. This was filed with the State Attorney for Broward County, Florida. READ MORE

Gucci Mane To Pay $60k For Pushing Girl Out Of Car


Gucci Mane who was arrested back in 2011 for allegedly pushing a woman, Diana Graham, out of his moving hummer has now learned this judgement. He pushed her out of the car because she had refused to go to a hotel with him and he did plea guilty to that an otherand went to jail for 6 months. Gucci please remember it is not okay to push someone out of a moving vehical. Now Graham has learned that the judge will order Gucci to pay up to almost $60,000 in punitive damages.

Tameka Raymond, ex-wife and mother of Usher Raymond‘s two children, isn’t giving up on her kids and has filed a motion to request a new trial in her child custody case after losing primary custody of her two sons.



Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister, better knows as Deebo from ‘Friday‘, admitted that he and five other individuals conspired to obtain four different mortgages on homes in Los Angeles, California using falsified records according to a plea agreement obtained by TMZ. READ MORE

Chad Gets Evelyn’s Face Tatted on His Leg


Everything has changed for Chad OchoCinco Johnson over the course of about a month. In that time he has lost his wife, got arrested,  got kicked off the team, etc. Its seems like everything he had going good for him is gone. He decided to take matters recently into his own hands it seems. Twitter pics surfaced today of Chad with a new tattoo on his right leg of Evelyn’s face as with the name “Eve” under it. I guess if he cant have the real thing he will settle for a tattoo of her. At least that one won’t leave unless he wants to remove it. This is what TMZ reports about the situation :


Kris Humphries is being sued by a woman by the name of Kayla Goldberg claiming that he gave her herpes. Im a little taken back initially when I read the story. Since these claims came out,and was reported by  TMZ , a representative for Kris came forward to report that he does not have herpes to NYDailyNews This is what the article reports: READ MORE

Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson Could Be Facing Jail Time


Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson could now be facing up to a year in jail for head butting his wife Evelyn Lozada. This is not the first time Chad has been hit with the domestic violence case. Back in 2000, he was convicted of slapping his girlfriend after accusing her of cheating. According to Gossip Extra, a Ft. Lauderdale attorney clearified that because of his prior conviction in the Broward County State Attorney could make Chad’s current misdemeanor charge a felony and mandatory prison.