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Falcons Roddy White Slapped With Paternity Suit!

First Justin Beiber now Roddy White! Seems as if the Atlanta Falcons superstar is receiving more than a game winning TD these days. TMZ is reporting the wide receiver caught a paternity suit by a female banker … who claims White made a direct deposit in her womb last year … and now she wants him to pay for it BIG TIME. READ MORE

Soulja Boy Sues Ex-Manager Over Contracts

 Soulja Boy says the man who used to manage his career took advantage of him financially when he was a teen.

According to TMZ, the rap star has filed court documents in Georgia Superior Court alleging that ex-manager Philip Ransom persuaded him to sign contracts that were “unconscionable, oppressive, and unjust.”

Soulja, who is now 21, claims that one of Ransom’s management deals will forever entitle him to five percent of Soulja’s income for work completed while Ransom was the manager.

A second contract reportedly gives 50 percent of all of Soulja Boy’s music copyrights to his label, which Soulja Boy says is “commercially unreasonable.” Ransom is denying the allegations, and has filed his own legal documents stating that Soulja Boy still owes him money. READ MORE

Beyonce Knowles has recently been issued a lawsuit  by video game makers Gate Five who are asking the singer to pay $100 million for not honoring their original contract for a video game developed in her honor. The game was in the middle of development when Beyonce supposedly abruptly pulled out of the multi-million dollar project and Gate Five is not happy. Check inside for more on this new developing suit against the pregnant singer. READ MORE

Shaquille O’Neal has come clean with his past in his new tell-all-book and even made light of his many infidelities with his comedic abilities but one of his old sidepieces, Vanessa Lopez, is not going away so easily. Vanessa Lopez has filed a lawsuit against the former NBA star,  claiming he has assaulted her, caused her emotional distress, as well as some other claims. See what happens when you keep putting your hand in the cookie jar? I guess Shaq learned nothing from Kobe. Shaunie O’Neal is somewhere sipping a glass of wine and laughing her head off..check inside for more deets on Shaq’s newest legal woes. READ MORE

It doesn’t appear as if the R&B group Blackstreet will be getting together for a reunion any time soon. According to DiaryofaHollywoodStreetKing, Teddy Riley and Chauncey Hannibal have filed a lawsuit against fellow group members Mark Middleton and Eric Williams. Teddy and Chauncey claim they each own one half of the Blackstreet trademark, but say that Mark and Eric have been using the group’s name to book performances without permission. READ MORE

Diddy Recovering From Minor Surgery On Shoulder

Sean “Diddy” Combs is on the mend after receiving treatment to fix an old injury. A rep for the rap mogul tells E! News that Diddy recently had “minor surgery on his shoulder.” Diddy raised eyebrows last week when he was photographed at Miami’s Art Basel with his arm in a sling. Diddy’s likely hoping his son has better luck with his health when he begins his college football career next season. Last week it was announced that Justin Combs has accepted a scholarship to play football at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Hope Diddy gets better and good luck and congrats again to Justin on his scholarship


Tameka Raymond has been taking a lot of heat lately in regards to how she feels about Usher.  Some people seem to think she’s trying to make him look like a bad parent on purpose. Apparently, there’s more to the story than we thought. Tmz recently reported that she brought up Saks cards in her custody battle, but Tameka says its more than just financial issues READ MORE

Souljah Boy To Be Evicted

Souljah Boy’s name has been in the media a lot this year. Unfortunately, his name is in the media for yet another negative thing. TMZ is reporting that Souljah Boy will soon be getting evicted. Apparently he didn’t pay his rent for November which totaled $4,425. Afterwards, he was served an eviction notice. Hopefully if he can come up with the money by today he can save his place to sleep. I hope things work out. It’s no joke out here. READ MORE