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Young Buck’s already difficult financial situation is taking a turn for the worse. The “Wall Street Journal” says the hip-hop star is now facing Chapter Seven liquidation. Young Buck and his Chapter Eleven trustee, Jeanne Burton, filed for bankruptcy back in June. At the time, they were hoping they could modify Young Buck’s agreements with 50 Cent’s G-Unit Records and Universal Music Group so that Buck could receive the necessary revenue to pay off his creditors. Unfortunately, Burton filed court papers last week stating that Young Buck and 50 Cent haven’t been able to come to an agreement. To make matters worse for Young Buck, Burton has become aware of a misappropriation of some of his funds. Burton says she discovered that a “former acquaintance” of the rapper was having performance and appearance fees wired to an unauthorized bank account opened for one of Young Buck’s companies. READ MORE

Whitney Houston is back in the news letting us know she’s still a Diva after almost getting kicked off a Delta Airlines flight yesterday. Get this all this drama started after she refused to buckle her seatbelt. Multiple sources are telling TMZ that Whitney boarded a flight in Atlanta Wednesday afternoon and when she settled into her seat, a crew member asked her to buckle up. Whitney refused and went off on the crew member until another crew member came over and warned Houston that if she didn’t buckle up, she would have to get off the plane. READ MORE

Chris Brown Denies Being Banned From U.K.

Chris Brown says his absence from last weekend’s Michael Jackson tribute concert in Wales had nothing to do with his previous legal problems. A rep for the singer tells us that rumors that Chris has been banned from the U.K. are not true. READ MORE

Terrell Owens Hospitalized For Pill Overdose


Oh no, say it isn’t so. Hard times got people making irrational decisions. Reports are saying that Terrell Owens was  hospitalized earlier today for a possible prescription pill overdose.  It seems like his financial issues and stress has got the better of him. READ MORE

Unreleased Song In 2Pac Sex Tape Going For $1M

The alleged Tupac Shakur sex tape continues to generate a lot of financial interest. TMZ.com is citing sources who say the CEO of the anti-hangover drink NOHO is willing to pay one-million dollars for the rights to the unreleased Tupac song heard in the background. It isn’t known who currently owns the rights to the track, but the CEO apparently wants to make it his drink’s official theme song. The head of the website “YouPorn.com” has already offered to pay 150-thousand dollars for the video itself. However, Tupac’s estate recently threatened to take anyone who attempts to distribute the footage to court.

Jennifer Hudson shocked producers by not showing to the Michael Jackson Tribute, which she was reportedly already paid to perform, TMZ reports. The “I Can” R&B singer tweeted that afternoon that she wasn’t going to be able to do the show because of “major production issues.” According to TMZ sources, Jennifer claims that producers didn’t give her enough time with the music she was to perform, although she received her music at the same time as everybody else, the source says. READ MORE

Jim Jones Pleads Guilty To Traffic Violation

Jim Jones is a little lighter in the wallet following a visit to Manhattan Criminal Court on Thursday. The rap star pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor traffic violation and paid a 200-dollar fine. He was also ordered to hand over an 80 dollar court surcharge. Jim’s minor legal drama began back in March when he was pulled over for driving on a suspended license. Following his court appearance, Jim told the “New York Post” that he’d “had enough of this building and they have had enough of my money.” When asked if he would be back, the emcee replied “I’m praying not to.”

T.I Defends His Right To Club And Party

Ever since his release, Tip has been seen in the media celebrating and partying but not everyone feels his partying is justified. His club appearances over the weekend have been followed by drama including the Ciroc/Diddy incident. Things haven’t exactly looked good in Tips favor but the hip hop star believes his appearances are justified. What do you think? READ MORE