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Comedian Katt Williams is making headlines for yet another brush with the law. Katt and a female companion were questioned by police in Ohio Wednesday over an alleged shoplifting incident at a Best Buy. Authorities in Coleraine were called after someone who appeared to be a part of Katt’s entourage was seen taking items from the shelves. Katt and the woman he was with were not arrested after speaking with the cops, but a member of his crew was cited for a “minor misdemeanor.” READ MORE

Uh oh! It appears that Patti Labelle is being sued for assaulting a mother and her 18 month old child.

Apparently, last year Patti shared some choice words with a woman for letting her child walk away as she struggled to situate with their luggaage and a car seat.

Well, it seems that the woman and her child aren’t the only ones who were offended.

Other building residents, Kevin and Roseanna Monk, are in on it now too.

Find out why inside! READ MORE

Teyana Taylor Gets Punched In The Face At Nightclub!

Teyana Taylor, best known for her role in Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Family Reunion was reportedly punched Thursday night at the Supper Club in Las Angeles, California. Reports are saying that Teyana was seen at the club greeting her good friend and NBA baller for the Washington Wizards Nick Young, but obviously the greeting was too “friendly” for his girlfriend who also was in attendance. Teyana later was then seen punched in face by Nick Young’s girlfriend. Read inside for more details on this story. READ MORE

Erick Sermon suffers from HEART ATTACK!!!!

Damn what’s going on in the old school hip hop community? After getting over the death of Heavy D, we’re hit with another blow to the chest. READ MORE

Chris Brown Is Almost Finished With His Probation Terms

Singer and Actor Chris Brown is almost finished with the terms of his probation. He was placed on probation in 2009 after he phycially assaulted his then girlfriend Rihanna in his car. The court is very pleased with Chris’ progress as he continues to complete his 180 court-ordered community service. Check inside for deets on Chris Brown’s Probation Report. READ MORE

Juelz Santana ARRESTED For Making Terrorist Threats

Rapper Juelz Santana was arrested a couple of days ago in his hometown New Jersey, not for drugs or weapons…….. but for making “terrorist threats” to police officers. According to TMZ, the rapper was charged with disorderly conduct and was soon released on bail. Juelz responded to the arrest via twitter to let his friends and fans know the details from the arrest. Check inside to hear what Juelz had to say.


Chris Brown Goes H.A.M On His Twitter Haters!

Blame it on twitter!Celebs these days are getting caught up on twitter everyday. Saying stupid stuff, going H.A.M on followers(fans), yeah, all of that(Ashton Kutcher). This is like an everday cycle for Breezy. We like Breezy over here at FreddyO but damn, when will the Tom Foolery end? Yesterday, Breezy got upset with his fans because they were bashing him about deleting tweets . He responded by saying “If I wanna delete my tweets! Its really my f*ckin biz! U have your twitter and Ive got mine! Get All the way off my d**k”.  READ MORE

Ashton Kutcher Leaves Twitter Due To Misinformed Tweets

Ashton Kutcher has turned his Twitter feed over to his production company after sending a misinformed tweet about  Penn State football coach, Joe Paterno, that angered members of the Twitter world.

“Up until today, I have posted virtually every one of my tweets on my own, but clearly the platform has become too big to be managed by a single individual,” Kutcher wrote on his blog. He will now have Katalyst Media, a production company he co-founded, check his feed to “ensure the quality of its content.” READ MORE