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NBA Player Arrested In California For Murder

Former Georgia Tech basketball star Javaris Crittenton was arrested last night at the John Wayne Airport in southern California. The star is wanted by Atlanta Police in the shooting death of 22-year-old mother of four Julian Jones (click here). The former Laker checked into a Delta Air Lines flight to Atlanta and was picked up by the FBI. There was no trouble arresting him and he will be held in police custody overnight. READ MORE

It’s almost like Michael Vick has come back from the dead! The Philadelphia Eagles reached a deal with the quarterback for $100 million dollars over the next 6 years.  He’ll be paid a little more than $16 million during each of his first 3 years and has the potential to earn $16.7 million each season. It looks like Michael Vick is back on his grind and after receiving three endorsements this year alone (click here). READ MORE

Someone’s been doing something very naughty we think!!!! Late night talk show host comedienne and confessed bad girl, Chelsea Handler, was allegedly busted last week doing something suspicious with a man in gold shoes in the bathroom of a club in NY.  She was then escorted out by security.

Handler, who is dating hotelier Andre Balazs was attending a party for Standard Hotel employees. The party was being hosted by her boyfriend on a restored boat docked on the Hudson, and things started out pretty normal for Handler. The potty-mouthed blonde was seen with her usual booze, earlier in the night. But at some point, she and the bottle might have parted ways.

They say that she then went to the bathroom to get extra happy but no one really knows what went  on in that men’s stall, but one could assume that she a number of things. READ MORE

Chris Brown did his thing on the stage last night and won tons of applause from the crowd…with one big exception. While Kanye standing next to him rose to his feet, Jay-Z seemed to be not excited at all…in fact he’s taking a swig of some beverage. When you see the audience’s reaction to Chris performance  you can see everyone is standing and applauding, except for Jay-Z. Word on the street is that Hov hasn’t be a fan of Chris since the incident with Rihanna. Its crazy that we always here about Jay-Z hating on Chris but this is the first time we see it with our own eye’s…

Check out the video below: READ MORE

Neighbors Finally Move Chris Brown Out

After months of drama and major beefage with neighbors (for more details, click here), Chris Brown has finally moved out of his West Hollywood condo where he and neighbors have been feuding for awhile. In a spat of recent tweets before the VMAs, Brown went into details about the love that he and his homeowners association have for each other.


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Chris Brown had me lost for worlds and I have to give it to him he killed it !!!! READ MORE

Solange Gets Gun Pulled On Her By Police

Singer Solange during a recent stint in Miami appears to be having problems with the Miama police. That’s right with the PO PO! In a slew of tweets, she describes a Miami Police officer pulling a gun out on her and begins to talk about how she is reporting the incident and about raising black children in America. Whooo, talk about keeping the struggle alive. Is Solange set to become the nation’s next civil rights leader? READ MORE

Former NBA Player Wanted For Murder

Former NBA player and Georgia Tech star, Javaris Crittenton, is wanted in the shooting death of a 23-year-old mother of four in Southwest Atlanta last week. The player allegedly shot the woman attempting to shoot at a person she was walking with. The mother, Jullian Jones, was shot in the leg and later died in surgery. The police believe the shooting was in retaliation for a robbery of his jewelry back in April and it is believed that he is somewhere in Los Angeles. The Atlanta Police are working with the FBI to apprehend him. READ MORE