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We got the fight scene as well as a first account of what happened with Ray J and Fabolous. 50 Cent, who was at the Palms Casino supporting Fab, Jadakiss and Styles P, has weighed in the fight. He told MTV, “Ray J taps Fab on the shoulders and says ‘I told you my peoples wasn’t going to be happy about that.’ And Fab is looking at him like he’s crazy cause he looking at me, ’cause Fab was saying wassup to me. He said ‘Whoa, you lost your mind?'”


The drama surrounding Charlie Sheen has come to an end in at least one way: he was killed on his former hit show Two and a Half Men. In last night’s season opener, screenwriters killed his character with a subway train! What had happened was Charlie’s character, Charlie Harper, ran away with his neighbor Rose to get married in Paris. Once she found him cheating with another woman, she pushed him in front of an oncoming train and, “his body exploded like a balloon full of meat,” says The Hollywood Reporter.

Charlie Sheen was fired back in March for badmouthing his bosses in a number of highly-publicized interviews. The producers definitely had their fun with killing him off.

The episode began with a funeral scene in which Jon Cryer’s character, Alan Harper, said that it was a sad day for everyone.

“Speak for yourself,” one woman shouted from the audience.

Ashton Kitcher has replace Charlie Sheen on the show and we’ll see if he goes off the deep end too!

In other Charlie Sheen news, after suing Warner Brothers for $100 million (see here), they have reached a settlement for $25 million. He sued for lost wages and punitive damages. I wonder where we’ll see ol’ Charlie go.

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Christina Milian Found What In Her Food?

It might be a while before Christina Milian orders another Kobe beef salad while out at dinner. According to Missjia Milian was at the restaurant Mexicali in Studio City, California last week when she found a wad of chewed gum in her meal. Christina was reportedly so disgusted that she ran to the bathroom and threw up. She then went on to file a complaint with the L.A. Department of Health. READ MORE

Did Miss Universe Fake Documents To Qualify?

Miss Universe winner Miss Angola, Leila Lopes, is being accused of falsifying documents to enter and win a qualifying contest in England. A Argentinian newspaper has reported that Leila Lopes was unfairly allowed to participate in the competition for Angolan citizens living in the U.K. READ MORE

Interscope Records Under Fire For Drug Trafficking

Interscope Records is in the middle of a bunch of mess! The record label that has a several big name artist such as Lady Gaga, U2, and Eminem is now under for fire for drug trafficking. However, it is James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond that all the fingers are pointing too. Rosemond, who works for controversial rapper The Game, is currently sitting in Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center.  This week the Department of Justice have provided defense lawyers with shipping records that show pickups and deliveries were made to the Interscope Office. Here’s where things get interesting. READ MORE

Teairra Mari To Join ‘Love And Hip Hop’?

Rumor has it that Teairra Mari will join the cast of Love And Hip Hop on VH1 pretty soon. It looks like her drinking troubles may have caught the eye of producers at the VH1 Network but she doesn’t really fit the mold of the other co-stars of the show. Joining Emily B., Chrissy and Kimbella on the show, Teairra Mari will have the opportunity to promote herself and her music. Apart from the new TV role, Teairra has also joined the Rico Love’s label, Division 1 Records.

Her talent agency, Williams Talent Agency, congratulated her on Twitter, but we have no clue how long she’ll be on the show, but we will be watching!

See her latest video below: READ MORE

Lil Wayne Pays $5 Million Tax Bill

News came out in April that Weezy F. Baby hadn’t been paying his taxes and that he owed the Feds $5.6 million (see here). He even tried to sell his $14 million mansion to pay Uncle Sam off (see here). Well it looks like Lil Wayne has cleared his debt to society by paying off that super bill. READ MORE

Michael Jordan Fined $100,000!

Legendary basketball player, Michael Jordan, has been fined $100, 000! Why has the superstar been fined so much? Apparently, Michael has been opening his mouth a little too much! Sources say the NBA is fining Michael for discussing the lockout and Andrew Bogut (an Australian player) with an Australian newspaper. There are rules set in place that prohibit owners and employees from discussing the lockout. Mike is majority-owner of the Charlotte Bobcats. Therefore, his ownership has put him in violation of the rules.  READ MORE