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Kelis says she was verbally abused while at a London airport earlier this week. In a series of tweets, the hip-hop diva states that she was called a “slave” by another traveler on Monday. Kelis says READ MORE

Charlamagne Tha God’s Father Goes To Jail

Charlemagne Tha God, co-host of the Power 105 The Breakfast Club, had to bail his father out of prison. The radio jockey’s father, Leroy McKelvey, was arrested for sneaking a taser into the Metlife Stadium and tasing a number of fans. Mr. McKelvey, age 59, claims that he was attacked for wearign a Cowboy’s jersey in Jets country. Other claim the fight started because Mr. McKelvey would not stop making noise during the 9/11 memorial ceremony before the game. The victims of Leroy include a marine.

Charlamagne tweeted: READ MORE

Rapper Wiz Khalifa had charges of drug trafficking from November dropped. Wiz was arrested by police right before getting on the stage at East Carolina University and charged with drug trafficking and released on $300,000 bond (see here). The charges were thrown out, it looks like the 2 ounces of weed found on Khalifa’s bus weren’t enough to be considered trafficking, you need about 10 lbs. for that. Also, three members of Khalifa’s crew staked claim to the stash, each having to pay a $1000 and court costs.

Should Khalifa have gone down for those two ounces or was he profiled?

Damon Dash’s Nightclub Closed By NYPD

It seems Damon Dash can’t get a break, after being his with a tax bill of $3 million (see here), NYPD served Mr. Dash with a court summons for his 4-story warehouse in Tribeca, DD172. The sometimes art gallery, sometimes photo studio, sometimes rehearsal space has been deemed a nightclub by the city of New York. Dash and associates are accused of 6 counts of storing and selling alcoholic beverages without a license, first being caught violating the liquor code in November of 2010 and as recently as May of 2011. READ MORE

Jay-Z Kicks Out Tenants From Apartment Complex

Jay-Z is still the center of more bad business dealings.  A condominium complex in Philadelpha that is owned by SCC North American Realty, LLC, of which Jay-Z is the partial owner, has been trying to kick out the tenants so that they can sell the apartments as condos. Residents of the apartment complex say that the lawyers of the owners have resulted to harassing them so that they will move out of the apartments.   Here’s what one tenant, Lani Moreno, had to say about the hectic experience.

“They had process servers banging on my door, ringing my doorbell nonstop. The banging was very violent. This was happening on a daily basis for at least a week. They were yelling my name, and the names of neighbors. I was very scared because I live alone, and it was very, very scary for me.”

Other tenants, like Liza Tedeschi, have also come forward and spoke about the situation. READ MORE

Terrell Owens May Go To Jail Over Child Support

Looks like Terrell Owens may be headed to the slammer over failure to pay child support. TO’s baby mama Melanie Paige Smith has filed a petition with a judge to throw him in jail for not paying a $5,000 a month stipend. Owens has not paid for the months of August or September and didn’t pay the full child support payment for June and July. Terrell blames the NFL lockout, saying he’s only able to pay half of the monthly stipend. The judge could decide to jail TO and force him to pay all back child support and lawyers’ fees, but we’ll have to await that decision to come down.

Terrell Owens is the star of the T.O. Show on VH1

He says he doesn’t have it, do you believe him? Should he be allowed to pay less in child support?

Spotted @Atlanta Constitution-Journal


Chris Brown Gets 95 Parking Tickets Dismissed

Singer/songwriter Chris Brown just got a huge break. Of the 117 parking tickets assigned to him, 95 were thrown out. Added up, those 95 tickets were valued at about $15,000. The tickets were issued because Chris Breezy was parking in the handicap space in his LA condo. The City of West Hollywood through those tickets out because the managers of the building had assigned Chris Brown that parking spot, so he wasn’t doing anything wrong by parking there. READ MORE

A representative for Soulja Boy’s management team told TMZ that Soulja Boy’s management and record label have been working to take the video for “Let’s Be Real” off the internet. In the video, Soulja Boy says, “F*** the FBI and F*** all the army troops,” (see here) and he’s come under major backlash from the United States Armed Forces and veterans alike (see Soulja Boy apologizes here).

The song will not be on the album at all and was even approved for the new album, “Respect My Hustle.” READ MORE