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50 Cent Gets Into It With His Baby Mama

50 cent got into a slightly heated discussion with his son’s mother, Shaniqua Tompkins, about how many pairs of shoes their son should have for school. Apparently his son called him and told him that he needed 50 pairs of shoes because another boy at his school “stunted on him” because he actually had 50 pairs of sneakers and his father is only a lawyer. READ MORE

Former America’s Best Dance Crew judge and Emmy-nominated So You Think You Can Dance choreographer entered into a plea agreement with the Los Angeles County District Attorney over his 2009 arrest (click here). Sparks was arrested in his home and charged with lewd acts on a child under 14 years, beginning in 1994.

The plea requires Shane to plead no contest to a single felony count of having unlawful sex with a minor under 16 in exchange for the 8 felonies in connection with alleged sex acts would be dismissed. READ MORE

I  don’t really know what former Destiny’s Child member Farrah Franklin has been up to but I’m assuming it’s not been great. Her storage unit went on sale and some man out in California bought it. Now he’s putting all kinds of Destiny’s Child memorabilia up for sale via ebay. In the item description area he lists that there are rare, never before seen photos of Beyonce, Kelly, Michelle, and even Jay-Z. I would also gather that Farrah was a pretty detailed oriented person (or a hoarder) being that she kept passes for Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera from way back in 2000.

She also made it a point to keep her personal calendar from 2000 listing all of Destiny’s Child’s activities. There were also some more interesting items in the storage unit including the original letter from Matthew Knowles dissing her from the group (it’s pen signed too!). READ MORE

Kobe Bryant Injures Man at Church

Kobe Bryant is being investigated by police on accusations that he grabbed injured a man in church on Sunday. The alleged incident took place at St. Therese of Carmel Church in San Diego, California when Bryant grabbed the wrists of a man he thought was taking photos of his family with a cell phone. Kobe then grabbed the phone, looked through it and when he found there were no pictures of his family, returned the phone. The man now claims Bryant injured his wrist…probably embarrassed him too.

What do you think? Was Kobe’s reaction justified? Or was he being a little paranoid?

The Game In Hot Water Over Twitter Prank

So it seems somebody in The Game’s camp has been playing games with the police. Friday night, someone posted a tweet from The Games account advertising an internship he was offering and to call a number. Turns out the number was the Compton Sheriff’s station! The phone traffic basically shut down the stations phones, making it harder for the police to do their job. The police were delayed reacting to calls about a missing person, a spousal assault, two robberies and a stolen car.

The Game responded saying that his account was hacked and he apologized. He also said that two much was being made out of it and that the police should keep their focus on catching real criminals. The Game later tweeted the blame: READ MORE

Disney Star Arrested For DUI

Star of That’s So Raven Orlando Brown was arrested for driving while under the influence of alcohol last night in Los Angeles. Coming from a party with his pregnant girlfriend in the car, Brown was pulled over for driving with license plates. Once the police smelled the alcohol in the car and he failed the sobriety test, he was thrown in the slammer. Funny thing, he was right in front of his home when pulled over! Dude posted bail and was released yesterday morning after posting $15,000 bail and will appear in court on September 8.

Kid From Kid N’ Play Arrested!

Another celeb is in trouble with the law. This time it’s Christopher Reid, who we all know to be Kid, was arrested yesterday in Los Angeles. We’re not sure of the reason but we do know that he was  very cooperative. This leads me to think he knew they were coming or he already knew what he did. LAPD officers went to his house because there was an active warrant out for his arrest. I guess when you’re a fugitive you just kick it at your house. READ MORE

Aretha Franklin Sings Her Way Out Of A Ticket

I can’t hate on the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, for using her resources to get her out of a ticket. Surprisingly she was at Neely’s Barbecue Parlor in New York, when she saw one of those pesky meter maids. Now I don’t know if she ran outside singing Respect or what I just know that it ended with her signing her signature on an envelope from the meter maid and there being no ticket written for her. READ MORE