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Sad News: Bow Wow Owes Back Taxes?

Seems that either Bow Wow needs to find that Lottery Ticket or go audition for another Tyler Perry film so he can pay his back taxes owed to Uncle Sam in the excess amount of over $90,000.

According to TMZ and A Florida tax lein filed on Shad Gregory Moss, which is Bow Wow’s government names, owes taxes unpaid in 2006.

I am just hoping there is another Shad Gregory Moss out there and that would explain that this is just one big mix up! 

It’s weird how celebrities who can afford the best accountants are typically the ones with the worst accountants! SMH!

When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong- Miley Cyrus a Pothead?

As Miley was partying to the tunes of .50 cent at her Birthday party in Los Angeles at the Roosevelt Hotel.

When the birthday cake comes out she slips up and states “You know you are a Pothead when your friends get you a Bob Marley Cake”.  That’s when you know you smoke way too much f****  weed.

Will Miley Cyrus be joining Wiz Khalifa on his Smoking Papers Tour next? Check out the  Video

Who thinks Miley was joking and her real problem is salvia. Who knows what salvia is? READ MORE

Did Gloria Cheat on Matt Barnes & Get Kicked To The Curb?

Matt Barnes breaks his silence via a tweet!

This twitter and facebook is really helping everyone get the skinny straight from the source.

How long did Gloria think MATT would keep things on the hush?

To top it all off she was cheating with one of his former friends/teammates. Talk about with friends like Matt’s you don’t need enemies.

Ok now I am confused because wasn’t it Gloria whom during the reunion show told John Salley that Matt was the only man she ever been with since she was 20? WOW!!!!

Talk about the Housewife/NOT/House-Girlfriend w/2 babies calling the Kettle Black. Didn’t she accuse Matt of cheating on her with Eva Longoria?


According to the LA Times:

Here’s the statement he released Wednesday through his publicist, Courtney Merfeld: “In May, Gloria and I decided to separate and in the best interest of her career, I foolishly agreed to portray that we were still together for the upcoming season of her show on VH1.

“As recently as August we decided to revisit a joint statement of our separation, but Gloria asked to delay making our separation public for the interest of her show. It is ironic now how Gloria is trying to manipulate the professional relationship between Eva Longoria and myself as the sole reason for our separation, when she knows we split up in May.”

To read the entire article :

Kris Humphries To Sue Kim Kardashian

Just when we thought everything was calming down, it appears not! Sources are saying that Kris Humphries is planning to sue Kim Kardashian. Why? Life and Style magazine says,

“Kris has a legal team investigating his options. He’s claiming his role  on Kourtney & Kim Take New York is bigger than he  was told, and that’s why he wants more money. But Kris is also suing because  he’s really worried about how badly he’s going to be portrayed on the series.” READ MORE

What do Tyler Perry and Kim Kardashian have in common? They are always embroiled in some type of controversy. Perry for his movies and Kim for, well everything else. Once Perry announced that he had cast reality superstar Kim Kardashian as “Ava” in his upcoming flick, “The Marriage Counselor”, he received criticism from the public. Most especially from black women. In order to address the people who feel like he made the wrong decision, Tyler took to his personal website to express his continued support of Kim as well as offer insight into why he even chose her in the first place. Read on to see Tyler’s open letter READ MORE

Comedian Katt Williams is making headlines for yet another brush with the law. Katt and a female companion were questioned by police in Ohio Wednesday over an alleged shoplifting incident at a Best Buy. Authorities in Coleraine were called after someone who appeared to be a part of Katt’s entourage was seen taking items from the shelves. Katt and the woman he was with were not arrested after speaking with the cops, but a member of his crew was cited for a “minor misdemeanor.” READ MORE

Uh oh! It appears that Patti Labelle is being sued for assaulting a mother and her 18 month old child.

Apparently, last year Patti shared some choice words with a woman for letting her child walk away as she struggled to situate with their luggaage and a car seat.

Well, it seems that the woman and her child aren’t the only ones who were offended.

Other building residents, Kevin and Roseanna Monk, are in on it now too.

Find out why inside! READ MORE

Teyana Taylor Gets Punched In The Face At Nightclub!

Teyana Taylor, best known for her role in Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Family Reunion was reportedly punched Thursday night at the Supper Club in Las Angeles, California. Reports are saying that Teyana was seen at the club greeting her good friend and NBA baller for the Washington Wizards Nick Young, but obviously the greeting was too “friendly” for his girlfriend who also was in attendance. Teyana later was then seen punched in face by Nick Young’s girlfriend. Read inside for more details on this story. READ MORE